25 thoughts on “Wave of UFO Sightings in Victoria, B.C. January 14, 2013”

  1. i guess you missed the note on the file that says they are way more advanced then us so its more like they will kick our ass..this aint the movies you know

  2. I’m a space alien and I want to put a light on every tip of my spaceship so that earthlings will know its shape from the ground.

  3. lets just shoot them down and declare war upon them : / we’ll kick their asses so fast theyll return to their home planets and thats it !

  4. we have a mother ship thats comes at night at 5h and 8.30h its big bright and glowing under its crazy i did have a vedio and few pics , hop the expert see this at night

  5. giant ufos are here .. nb they start to appear around 5h to 6.45h there big .. menny withness saw that ,, since 3 weeks , its crazy .. there lots of those here . pleas hop they investagate where we live ..

  6. I think it’s funny how people keep denying the existence of interstellar spaceships visiting earth, if you would timetravel to the maya people they would laugh at you for beliving in gods whilst some idiots on this rock would laugh at them for believing in “”the Skypeople”” : quoted from mayan wall scripts

  7. canadas cutting spending to ufo (watching) research and whatnot…like they don’t care about it yada yada.. ummm we realeased ”all”<--- my ass))) the info to the public for anyone that may not know.

  8. correct Prime Minister Harper has now alloed US drones to fly within 220 KM of Canada’s borders and seeing how they have firing range of 1850 KM it’s easy to understand how he gave the Entire country to spy on.

  9. Leave it to a dumbass Islander seeking to spam an important videos with Spam instead of posting intelligent info.
    you guys are some of dumbest individuals I’ve meet in a long time, it’s sad that older folks down at “Our palce society” are more awake than clueless fellows like yourself.
    Have a look at your skies & video Chemtrails over victoria if you want to be recognized as it happens almost every day.. otherwise get lost with your spamming.

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