UFOTV® ALIEN HWY: UFOs and Area 51

Featuring Bob Lazar LIVE – Take a journey with us to go where few have ever gone before! To know the truth that we are not alone in the universe and that there is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet Earth. Meet the people who live in and around the small community of Rachiel, Nevada, USA, the only human outpost, next to the US governments most highly secret military test facility most commonly referred to as Area 51 and S4 (Sector-4), where it is believed that the US Government continues to test alien UFO technology. See what it’s like to live next to Area 51 and hear from the locals about Area 51 and what it’s like to live at the end of the Alien Highway, a place where the night sky always continues to hold a UFO and Alien/ET mystery. Visit us online: www.UFOTV.com

25 thoughts on “UFOTV® ALIEN HWY: UFOs and Area 51”

  1. Any sure that these folks in this Video aren’t ET traying to get home via area 51. Ok I am sorry the Aliens are hopfully smarter.

  2. what am i saying?

    i’m saying the ref was favorable towards you..every pundit in Europe said it,plus your whole team and manager Conti also said it was never a 3-0 game.

    and no its not a humiliation at all,your team is 10x more expensive than ours. having a history of constant match-fixing is a terrible humiliation however 😉

  3. hey what are you saying ? =D  0-3 at your home , this is a terrible humiliation for you aha aha aha aah aha aha.
    the referee? please DONT CRY =D

  4. it was a tight game and it was a harsh scoreline,fair play..you’re the best team in Italy and could go all the way this year.

    Mario Ballotelli tweeted Celtic 0-3 referee during the game,we all know you lot still match-fix 😉 the referee was your best player.

  5. we will see on tuesday, Celtic park is a cauldron..lets see how well you Juve boys handle it.

    Juventus remind me of an old team who died called Rangers..you both get your titles stripped and get demoted for being cheats =D

  6. i’ve all ready said this = you all forget area 51 !! IF they have “what ever they are supposed to have” they moved it a long time ago ( forgive my english I AM french )

  7. This was quite interesting. We’ve lost so many who were forrunners. God Bless them all.. May we continue to find answers. Thanks for the video. I’ve had experiences and saw the TR3-b and Wing Craft in 1989, Together up close and personal..a baseball throw away!… There’s so much more..

  8. For being so young, you have a very good grasp of the Hole we are digging for ourselves. Glad to see the school didnt indoctrinate you into the herd.

  9. lol i left school only a few years ago and know the feeling,its not the teacher that lies its the flawed curriculum he teaches.

    things will never go back to the way it should or could be,to sum up the world is one f-d up place right now,economically,politically and morally etc.
    nothing is as it seems,mainstream media drip-feed us outright lies on a daily basis for a start,people dont know how to think for themselves anymore.

  10. Maybe just maybe they are not crazy mayyybeeee they have seen something you will never see in your life..Something that would scare the sh*t out of you and caus insomnia…

  11. Ive always wondered what it would be like to go to area 51. One day ill get in(most likely not)… But never live to tell about it :/

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