Ufos and Aliens

The pictures are of ufos and aliens The last three pics are in there for fun. Hope you enjoy it.
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Ancient Aliens, UFO's, Pictures, And Carvings Part 1

Uploaded by MegaEQus on Jun 22, 2011 None of the stuff in the video I said.
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23 thoughts on “Ufos and Aliens”

  1. There is no doubt in my mind there are indeed UFO’s. I have been lucky enough to see one with my own eyes and even luckier that I was in the company of sceptics who cant call me crazy as they saw it too. Sure there are some hoax’s out there but i guarantee they arent all. Make up your own mind which ones you believe or not but I assure you its highly likely there is very real footage amongst the fakes.

  2. The chances of “aliens” showing up just in time for 2012 +/- 2 yrs. is practically ZERO, but there is a 100% chance a staged “alien” invasion is coming to help set up the anti-Christ’s 7 yr. NWO. Listen to Hawking. Avoid these sulfur wreaking “aliens” at all costs! He use to help at S-4 and other D.U.M.B.s around the world and knows exactly what they really are: the evil fallen watchers/grigori of Genesis 6 & the book of Enoch- returned to wreak havoc in these last days. Google image: dogu

  3. The anti-Christ’s vimanas like the TR-3B Astra are fighting the Lord’s merkabahs(Ezekiel 1) foretold of in Revelation 12:7. Soon the grigori will pretend to be Type 2 “greys” and lie that they are fighting evil Type 3 (actually The Lord’s loyal angels). You can see this battle almost any night using gen-3 night vision goggles. Check out this video:

  4. Wake up from your MK-Ultra conditioning. Watch this video where one of their schills tells us that we are terrorists if we are against the New World Order:
    Don’t take the RFID REAL IDs, implantable PositiveIDs/verichips, nor Somark tattoos. [Revelation 13:16-18]
    Search “masonic child chip program”
    Get saved while you still can!

  5. Did you know that besides War of the Worlds, H.G.Wells also wrote THE NEW WORLD ORDER? Why did Arthur C. Clarke think 2010 was the first year of contact? Remember that Clarke wrote about the monolith junk before it comes soon to a Martian moon near you. Learn about the Fermi Paradox.
    Also read: If The Universe Is Teeming With Aliens … Where Is Everybody? by Stephen Webb (now available for FREE on Google Books)

  6. The fake alien invasion to bring in the antichrist’s 7 yr. New World Order is coming very soon. The sheep that fell for the fake moon missions will swallow this one even more. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

    Genesis 6 & Book of Enoch
    2 Peter 2:4 & Jude 6
    Amos 9:2 (Phil Schneider)
    2 Thessalonians 2:9-12
    Zechariah 5
    Obadiah 4
    Revelation 12:7

    (Hint: The gray grigoris’ stench of sulfur gives their real identity away every time)

    Get saved while you still can!
    The watchers are back!

    The chances of actual “aliens” showing up on earth just in time for 2012 +/- 2 years is about 1 in a googolplex! Learn about the Fermi Paradox. Remember that the Luciferian H.G. Wells not only wrote War of the Worlds but also the hideous work entitled The New World Order. If not aliens, what really are they?
    Google image: dogu/jomon statues

    Do NOT take the mark of the beast!
    Google: Somark & Verichip Corp

  8. Sorry, you didn’t comprehend well what I wrote. Try it again. Ahem… we are in a black hole. It swallowed the sun first, hence the ‘dark ages’. This is what the demons called ‘legion’ were begging Jesus not to do to them. But now, here we are. Therefore I say to you, SALVATION means something so disturbing, so absolute. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT MEANS, except for me, and now you, child. The SWASTIKA was the image of the black hole in space, coming upon us. Our doom. No hope, no way out. 🙂

  9. How do you know god put us here, how do you know aliens put us here, What if the universe was always here no beginning and no end just a endless cycle. prove me otherwise!

  10. Yea man we know that it cant be only us in this universe!
    But the deal is that we dont believe that aliens will come HERE in our planet

  11. You think about this- If you can see it breathe our air, it’s from here. Also, we’re the only system going the wrong way. Our time is backwards, and there are other planets, but they would appear desolate to us. Finally, this system is in a black hole as of recent, and no one but God could have put us here. Brings a whole new meaning to the Fall of the Angels, and the Fall of Man, doesn’t it? Now you have a chance at understanding the need for SALVATION. We’re dead! The Pit beckons!

  12. you people out there not belieiving aliens think about it there is millions, billions, trillions, gillions A infinite amount of planets out there! one of them has to have intelligent life or atleast life

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