UFOs Ancient UFO sightings: Ancient Aliens part. 1

UFO theories seek to explain aspects of UFO phenomena. Are aliens already here? What are they like? If UFOs have arrived, where do the spaceships come from? …
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http://nowheretorunradio.com http://sprezzatura.it/Arte/Arte_UFO_eng.htm is there evidence of flying saucers in ancient art? lets take a look. This is from t…
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  1. Interestin video and channel at 2.22 its true we have a living God as sad in the new testment

  2. I think that they are visiting us for a long time.
    Sure there are many races, there are good and bad as we do.
    It is impossible to man in those days, he built the pyramids.
    The Bible refers to the spaceship.
    I think the gods is more than one and each of them takes care of some planets.
    Greek Myths for example, does not need to be myths …

  3. Brilliant, yes I have to strongly agree with you, on that alien and space ships have been here since time began. I am painter and I express what I see within my paintings. Back in 900’s they would do the same so they didn’t know what writing was, so they wrote with pictures. Flying know wounder they call them gods they must of been so confused and very scared at first. Thanks for sharing. Australia

  4. In the De “Gelder Battesimo di Cristo” to say that the cylinder is a representation of the heavens opening vs a Alien craft is a matter of opinion. Sure there are other examples of other paintings depicting more clear versions of the heavens opening up with a light shining down. However THEY TOO are subject to interpretation since they are depictions of paranormal events being described by ancient eyes vs modern eyes. 

  5. Omg..what ufologists actually meant, always, was “why, why something is always represented as BRIGHT and YELLOW, and WITH RAYS, sometimes re presented by people, sometimes by doves, emitting rays, why always coming from above…its the deep meaning that they relate to..its just hard for us in the 21th century to put ourselves in their minds and make interpretations of what we see. Its just so hard to accept those things isnt it? A reality thatUS cristians dont want to admit..fairytales..

  6. And another thing. I’m done with this debate. Let’s just agree to disagree, because CLEARLY we’re never going to agree. So, if you send another comment, I’m not going to respond. Goodbye Maryann.

  7. “God’s Word” as you call it was written by man. “God” did not tell these ancient jews to create this book. Google “Bible contradictions” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The most significant one that I’d like to point out is that the word ‘Satan’ is hebrew for ‘Enemy’. It says in the Bible to Love thy enemy. Therefore, should one love Satan? Also, the original texts of the Bible that were written in Aramaic had word changes. Gods became God, and the word “Heaven” is hebrew for sky.Research

  8. One more thing, oh you who lack understanding, There are no contradictions between what you call “testaments”, that word doesn’t exist either. There are contradictions from man made religion & gods Word, as has always been the case & what the Messiah helped to correct in his time. & as far as your “alienation” comment; what church do you think I can go to knowing what I know they wont hear the truth either, there is only a remnant with ears to hear & the security comment is too stupid to comment

  9. First,I dont claim knowledge but a little wisdom to discern some of what you call knowledge,which interestingly enough,is the same word for demon. Wisdom is much better than knowledge this is why it is not offered to you through lying spirits.I grew up in an accult home & knew nothing of god;& the bible was the last book I read; again, you are given no wisdom.If you knew anything of the religion you accuse me of, you would see that I do not fit but you just spout knowledge which is insignificant

  10. The Bible is false, and with your SUPPOSED extensive knowledge of theism I would have expected you to realize this when you saw the contradictions that lie within the Testaments themselves. You are putting all of your faith into a book that was written by ONE culture. If you grew up in Afghanistan you would PROBABLY be a Muslim. If you grew up in Tibet you would PROBABLY be a Buddhist. You chose the Bible, because you can cling to it like a security blanket without being TOO alienated.

  11. To call me christian is an insult just as it was in the day the term was first used. Christians teach lies, just like the rest. I claim the Bible and have since the beginning of our banter so not sure where you get your unrighteous indignation. You are given no wisdom into my sins so focus on the plank in your own eye before you preach,now you sound christian.As far as love your enemy, you dont know who your enemy is & that is not what it says anyway. & FYI, I work for and am in a local college

  12. I knew you were Christian. I asked you what religion you were, and you said you followed no religion. “Thou shall not lie”. You better repent for your sins. lol. I think you’re a bit confused, and that’s okay. You’re probably some middle aged Mexican Christian woman who doesn’t have a life, so you sit online and try to force your beliefs upon other people. It’s not going to work anymore. Find a hobby, and leave people alone. Like it says in that Bible of yours “Love thy enemies”.

  13. Stop trying to convince everybody of your beliefs. Stop shoving your beliefs down everybody’s throat. Stop crying that a few people thumb’s up’d my comments. Just do us all a favor, and shut the fuck up.

  14. My comments keep getting removed, supposedly too many negative votes what a nice way censor information. Fre4kWh3nSee, has a steady 2 thumbs up on every comment, geez; wonder how that was obtained? Go ahead & censor. If you idiots want to believe that Aliens created man & are the the gods of old by confused civilizations you go ahead but no one can answer me this; why were they so blood thirsty? From every culture billions sacrificed, they wanted blood from Sumaria to the Incan’s enjoy your gods

  15. I see you keep responding so one should ask themselves, do YOU ever shut the fuck up? However given your utter lack of knowledge of history, theology, philosiphy, sociology, psychology & logic I will benefit your ears with some words of wisdom from the Creator Himself, “commander of the spiritual powers of the air now at work among God’s rebel subjects.” This is the power & dominion of Lucifer, the light bearer, you are decieved by him & this UFO shit is nothing new just a new lie i.e. “alien”.

  16. LOL, we aren’t under full dictatorship yet, so I will stop when I damn well please. Thanks for the invite though, that is mighty white to give me permission and all

  17. LOL, who the hell are you to say I fail, fail at what? Your argument is rediculous you offer no proofs and dont comment on the ones I have given, just completely ignore them rather than answer them; you are what you accuse me of but then again, that is always how it goes with the accuser who is you god.

  18. The more you talk.. the more you sound stupid. Just stop while you’re ahead. You fail. Your argument is invalid.

  19. blind faith, you dont even know the meaning of the word let alone anything about me. What came first the chicken or the egg. Sumerian tablets, who gives a shit about them and Abraham came from Ur, and Adam & Eve, before your Sumerian Tablets already knew these laws so I guess sumeria which is babylon which is Iraq is the garden of eden, even though they have fought each other from the beginning. You are an illogical bigot who believes fairy tales now arent you

  20. *facepalm* I told you, I’ve read the entire book of Jewish fairytales. You on the other hand have no idea that the Old Testament was stolen and rewritten from the Ancient Sumerian Tablets. Your blind faith will get you nowhere. I’m done with this pathetic excuse for a “debate”. Goodbye.

  21. You know again, I responded to your last comment but I cannot find your comment or my reply on this page so, I have read your post but you clearly are not reading mine. I have dealt with your link and with your supposed reading of scripture and you have not read it because of what I have stated prior. You However have not dealt with a single statement of mine, Like show me where you see anyone praying to the Messiah, the strawman of zeitgeitst etc. typical of those who worship what you do

  22. I already told you I’ve read the entire Bible. You obviously haven’t been reading my entire comments. How could you say you’re not a Christian, but then tell me to “read the damn book” ? And also how can you call it “the damn(damned) book” ? That would imply that it is evil.

  23. If you mean Zeitgeist, I have watched it more than once. It is a source I use to debate the braindead catholics. That video is a classic Strawman argument and all it does, and accurately, is expose the lies of Catholosim, which many protestants lost their lives pointing out the same thing centuries ago. Have you ever wondered why I don’t say “Jesus”? That is not his name and never was. I have all these doctrinal arguments with braindead christians. I tell them the same thing; Read the damn book!

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