25 thoughts on “UFO – The Aliens Closer than We Think – Discovery Channel – Full Documentary *****”

  1. WEATHER BALLOONS SURELY? thats what the governments tell us all the time…it has to be true, surely they wouldn’t lie to us 🙂

  2. I mean, I got 5 bottles up my butthole, but theoretically with extraterrestrial technology who’s to say just what the limit of bottles one can stick up their butthole might be?

  3. This is off-topic but it’s space-related.

    I hope everyone knows that the Apollo moon missions were faked in a studio. Here’s a link to some of the proof.
    spurstalk (dot) com/forums/showthread (dot) php?t=144487

  4. Within a week you’d have Muslims declaring Jihads and Christians asking if the Aliens have accepted Jebus and if they are pro or anti abortions.

  5. There was an incident on the Isle of Man a few years ago where the camera we have on the mountain saw something swoop past in the sky then the camera failed completely

  6. Hmmm bit strange that since 1947 the black projects were started lol. Some people are stupid. 98% of UFO sightings can be explained but 2% of them can not..

  7. If i were an sentient alien being and i saw our planet and how humans behave towards each other and treat the environment, I don’t think i’d be too willing to shake hands with them…

  8. <----------------------------if you like this genre ck out "Northern Lights" by T.RICO on amazon now best alien/zombie book to date!

  9. Ancient aliens came here to earth to give us the knowledge,they also left here descendants and today(and back then) we call them greeks..to greeks we owe everything today neither you like it or not..and today(and back then) other aliens visit earth very often(they also live here underground) which called the greys(greys descendants(dna) are very few not more than 10 people,and we call them jews) also they have 90% off worlds economy and they pull the strings about everything(thats the bad guys)

  10. …we can’t get along with each other, how the hell do you think we are going to get along with an alien species. Lol, not going to happen…

  11. What if they have evolved to the point where they don’t even want war, what if their civilization has like million years, probably they had time to think

  12. If aliens exist and fly over us,(INFINITE “IF”) then they are scared of us. seeing what we do to ourselves(wars, betrayals, killings, atrocities all that for money, pride and power), there is no telling what we’d do to something that doesnt even belong to this planet.. If i saw an alien, I would kill, cook it and call the neighbors over for dinner.

  13. The reason why they can’t show themselves and let theirselves be known is because ppl like you are scared of what they don’t know and understand. Lets just accept what’s there and what’s been there for billions of years.

  14. Filipe666. U are wrong and ignorant. U need to open ur mind and understand we have already contacted them and will continue to do so until the whole entire population accepts it and is comfortable with it.

  15. Fuckwit you are, a minutes research will show you that you’re confusing the kph with the mph figures like I said before.. you are stupid aren’t you, a class A prick. oh, and the only cockpit you’ve been in is your dads…

  16. Stupid curious humans,give up!we wont get into contact with any species!!!this is one thing stupid humans got no control over!get over it!

  17. Are other realities or “aliens” for real?Are they behind what is gng on on earth?I realy do not know.But I think,we the poor and forgotten ned to develope critical thinking,join,ask leaders,and and by all means destroy the communication barriers,viases,and hate.

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