17 thoughts on “UFO Talk | The Day Before Disclosure 2010 – Steven Greer”

  1. anyone who believe this idiot is also a twat.. now im not discounting the testimony of guys that worked in the military or that have radar evidence and reports of sightings I do find the Alaska incident very intriguing but do hold short of claiming these are undeniable evidence as i am a show me physical hold in my hands proof before i will completely agree.. but associating with this crack pot can only hurt there credibility beyond repair.

  2. in his sleep seeing the whole universe… either this guy is a real life modern Walter Mitty or he is a thrill seeker seeing how much bulls##t he can say before someone in the room tells him he is a total prat of a moron

  3. he is the point man for this grand universal spiritual awakening. the aliens are in direct contact with him.. he cycled 400 miles on a lethal life threatening infection that supreme galactic beings cured and that’s why there is no medical record of his infection. he knows all about the so called simple physics of how all these supposed aliens travel the universe with ease but can’t build a working model prototype for some reason… Oh and is his spare time he flies along the celestial planes….

  4. seriously does anyone consider that this guy is the modern day embodiment of walter mitty?? he has leaders of a nuclear power asking him to organize their contact with aliens. President Clinton was afraid to look into ufo’s because he might get shot but this guy can do it for him cause he is the man of all men he meets with generals defense ministers to brief them because he is the man and he always has things that are about to happen evidence that is about to come out but never does

  5. Mr Greer you are doing great work. Dont stop with that i hope gov someday will reveal “officially” that they are here.

  6. This all sounds very nice and certainly given the climatic changes that are rapidly escalating, but who do you think would then administer access to flux power? Political corruption and collusion with present companies will ensure their transition to control that also. The human equation with greed and control at its epicentre will make sure of that. As long as we can arrest climate change that has to be central should this ever come about.

  7. Dr.Greer has so much dirt on the Govt, , thats the only reason he is still alive.He has cats on standby with leaked info if he gets dropped.

  8. Dr.Greer, I’ve never had a Hero until the day I heard you share your story. Your a True Inspiration to me. Don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from your Goal. If any of these negative Doubter’s had 1/1000 of your Integrity, they might actually stop lying to themselves and/or their significant others.
    You are a True Inspiration to us all ! ! !
    Thank You ………………………………………

  9. Good idea 😀 I can make one but only for Android as I don’t have a mac and have never coded in objective C.

  10. Are you kidding? What he says about the military industrial complex and the brutal nature of the corporate beast and the power they have effected on the world is what you will learn in Poli Sci 101….Maybe you like alligators in the sewers? Then go give Dave Icke some of your money.

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