UFO: Skinny blue-green alien scares Florida witness

UFO: Skinny blue-green alien scares Florida witness
The following MUFON report suggests that alien sightings need not be accompanied by sightings of UFO, and that aliens may be entering human time-space interdimensionally as suggested by Jacques Vallée and David Icke. John Lash suggests that aliens …
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Dr Jesse Marcel Jr who claimed to have handled alien debris from Roswell
Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., who claimed he handled debris from the 1947 crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, has died at the age of 76 doing what he loved best – reading a book about UFOs. Denice Marcel said her father was found dead at his …
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Fire damages storage area at Hammond bar and grill
According to Chief Fire Inspector Michael Opinker, firefighters were called at 4:32 a.m. to the UFO Bar & Grill, 4536 Hohman Ave. When crews arrived, they found smoke and flames in a rear storage area. Opinker said the restaurant and bar suffered smoke …
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Indian Army troops sight UFOs in Ladakh again
Indian Army troops have sighted mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the Ladakh sector along the Line of Actual Control with China. On August 4, the UFO was sighted by Army troops in Lagan Khel area in Demchok in Ladakh area in the evening …
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