UFO Sightings Shocking Encounter Three Year Old Abducted By Aliens!!! Terrifying Live UPADTE!

UFO Sightings Terrifying Encounter Three Year Old Abducted By Aliens Live UPADTE! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmo…

Session 10 – By Nickolas Vassili “WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT” is a classroom devoted to the art and science of understanding and expressing human emotions, and lear…
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25 thoughts on “UFO Sightings Shocking Encounter Three Year Old Abducted By Aliens!!! Terrifying Live UPADTE!”

  1. In my opinion BLAKE IS A LYING LOW LIFE CUNT!! Of a blond haired slut and a grey hairless bastard. Pardon my french people. Murci

  2. oh my god people, Now blake is fakeing an interview with DR.j d elius.! go to 14.8mins on the video where blake gets a call from an 818 etc number !!! well bake is taking too his brother BRENT !!!! We all now brents voise

  3. Hey guys I thought I’d send you a link on a video I did for a friend. It all about Aliens and UFOs.

    I’m an abducte and was part of MUFONTARIO in Canada in the 90s. That is where I met my friend.

    You said to send you anything on the UFO subject so I thought you may find this short video disclosure very interesting.

    In This Skin by Wayne St. John: Youtube.com/watch?v=HkB1l4llr7M

    Keep up the great work guys.



  4. yeah, aliens abducting humans, cool story bro, this is so 90’s. Its 2013 already catch up to it, I mean wtf If I were an uber intelligent alien why the fuck would I abduct stupid humans watching Jersey Shore? This whole alien abduction is just bullshit. I show you my undeniable proof too, here, hold my beer.

  5. Our spiritual evolvement goes hand in hand with et phenomena , the very fact the et topic has been taboo and covered up only adds to the fact just how important it is, what’s important isn’t just the encounter , it’s the propulsion systems behind these etv’s that can free humanity from the powers that were, this above anything is one of the reasons the disclosure was kept from humanity for way over 60 years, not to mention how disclosure will crash world religions and crash their banking empire.

  6. Look guys, Theres a lot of BS on the internet, some I believe ,some I do not. You as a viewer have to DECIDE what Y O U think is real or not. Blake is NOT telling you EVERYTHING on TPM is REAL and to BELIEVE IT, he is simply presenting what OTHER PEOPLE have told or given to him. It up to YOU to decide. All these cussing comments are not needed.If 98% of what he shows is BS ,so be it. It IS the other 2% we need to focus on. Leave the childish comments somewhere else.
    Blake, Good job reporting!

  7. You have no idea who John E. Mack is? And you claim to be interested in or knowledgeable in UFO’s! You are unreal! The guy wanted to know if you ever knew or heard anything about the John E. Mack Institute. Sorry Blake but I must unsub! You are just another “enthusiast”. It’s hard to take you serious when you know nothing in the field.

  8. OH Come on its Easter Sunday we should be eating chocolate eggs and having fun yet am here listening to verbal diarrhea,there’s so much Bullshit coming out these guys mouth there liable to blow up due to too much methane exposure,this is embarrassing.

  9. LOL and how the fuck does he know about these beautiful Nordics with blonde hair blue eyes and 3 cocks,what an asscunt.

  10. I used to respect thirdphase but latley you’ll put any idiot on air no matter what they say.come on man just because they say the word alien go back to the what made you a “good source ” or this fan can and will get respectable info else were

  11. there are many many different types of greys to say they are one thing like what this guy described is only one cerytain group.there are many groups that are quite different from eachother.also reptilians often appear as nordics

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