UFO sightings – Modern Footage & Ancient Records

Compiles lots of modern photos and video footage with records and drawings of ancient aliens left by our ancestors. So why all the mystery about who the Aliens are? All of the records and evidence point to the truth that they are the NEPHILIM races described in the Bible as hybrid human species derived from fallen angels mating with human women. The records indicate that the offspring produced several different gentile races. Some were giants / titans, some were reptilian, some had extra arms and 6 fingers, hair covered humanoids like Esau… And we even see evidence of this remaining in our human gene pool on recessive genes… giantism is called acromegaly now… humans born with 6 fingers are called polydactyl … humans born covered with hair are diagnosed with hypertrichosis… on and on… As for the hybrid alien races that survived with their technology thousands of years ahead, we see them too. Esaus hair-covered humanoid decendants in the mountains are called bigfoot… And over 20 witnesses in a Russian park (including policemen, school children, a janitor… all walks of life) saw a craft land and 3 giants over 9 feet tall stepped out into clear view. So the aliens are not just “little green men” but many diverse races of gentile humanoids that have inhabited this planet as long as humans have. They are not coming from outer space… they are coming from below our feet. They live beneath the surface in an UNDERWORLD or hollow honeycombed earth… and beneath
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24 thoughts on “UFO sightings – Modern Footage & Ancient Records”

  1. I’m not saying that UFO’s are unreal or anything, but i don’t understand.. weird creatures from somewhere that isn’t Earth build these.. flying saucer looking things and come to Earth.. why? How would they like it if we built a flying saucer and hovered over them

  2. a UFO is something you cant name or explain in the sky, it doesnt mean these are all aliens, and 1/2 of these are obviously faked or have been proven a misunderstanding/staged, read more on some of the big stories with names such as alexander the greats stories, they have been proved to be simple misunderstanding or were just people playing a prank

  3. ALiens took leo nardo devinci heli book and made copy ufos fly by pepelers lol no super modern tech and the super fast esacpe is 900pounds of nitrous i know what they pack

  4. -bullshit,i live 1 mile from bonny bridge in Scotland and i know of at least 13 people who have seen ufo’s-they were quite common in the late 90’s early 2000,&i think the reason people dont seem to get good fotos is simple!there tech is far too advanced&they are too fast!there are lots of fakes though,including some of em in this vid!

  5. Amazing. After all of these years, all the evidence you have are out of focus photos and squiggly lights. From that, you pile conjecture upon conjecture, until you’ve built yourself quite a myth there.
    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” –Carl Sagan Too bad you don’thave even ordinary evidence.

  6. aint it funny how when people zoom in, they can never keep the camera still? also, 90% in america for some reason

  7. It is a human-made vehicle, Aliens are insanely far from us and only 1% of aliens are civilized. As many think

  8. i wont say its true or a lie i would rather stay in doubt. One thing i know its a fact is that almost everyone (including myself) around the world had seen UFO’s (wierd shit) in the skies. Now its up to each one of us believe in whatever we want to believe.

  9. one day the rabbits and the chickens will come for you and on that day you will regret what you have said.

  10. , with all this oil problem and the pollution we are creating because of it, you gonna tell the that we n russia have the technology to do all this, we arent gonna use it to help reduce pollution? create better devices to help out planet n civilization? we wouldnt be using rockets fill with tons and tons of fuel to reach the space. if that is the case, i’ll have to say … is wrong.

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