UFO Sightings Major Network Gets Shut Down Live To Cover Up Alien Abduction Agenda? 2013

Watch & listen to the Craziest moment on Thirdphaseofmoon radio yet! What happens when we get too close to the truth? Listen in & you will see! Blake Cousins…
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Ufo 2013 Exclusive  Barack Obama Asked Alien Ufo Live

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25 thoughts on “UFO Sightings Major Network Gets Shut Down Live To Cover Up Alien Abduction Agenda? 2013”

  1. thirdphaseofmoon??? Ask dimphil? It’s all in the name. Muppets!! You make a B look epic in comparison.
    C2C is Class and covers every lu-la dope to the fuck-yeah real thing with style and…. (wait for it!!)…… professionalism.
    It’s uncomfortable watching you try to compete with NOORY. You need a new front man that’s believable. Sorry. It’s not you BC.

  2. Betty and Barnie and Antonio villas Boaz were off the wall when it happened and I read aboutbitba long time ago I was 10 in 1961 keep it coming!!

  3. Uhhhhm, Hello there are secret programs, satellites, Govt projects in space. Does everything have to be aliens for you?

  4. This guy posts Hoaxes probably even creates them just to make money. What’s so hard to understand about it? No credibility, no morals no seeking the truth just lie after lie after lie. When he dies people will say Good Riddance!

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  6. The galactic federation of light does not conduct forceful experiments on humans. It was the former dark forces that conducted them. The Draconians and greys have reversed from a serve to self paradigm to a serve to others which is the galactic federations “motto” there are no demons or angels, god or satan they are terms used to set the deceptive system and mold all of you to their enslaving system of submit or perish. The galactic federation believes of no such things.

  7. Point is that machine that is ruling the world has made us work,work and work, be busy at all times.To be tired just enough to say ‘eeeeh I’m to tired for this’ (star gazing for example). It all works in purpose. We are busy living our lives, struggling to earn some extra money while they(secret government) are exploring the universe, developing technologies beyond our imagination -we not going to see them in Tv/Books/Internet because it is all suppressed.

  8. i agree, but that is bcoz here in mexico and if u take the time to look for information from around the wrold this has been already analize, (sorry i hope analize is the correct word my friend). so if u are in this theme in deep this is not new, and the title is just a marketing strategy

  9. That idiot Blake wanted Bettie’s body exumed to see if she had an implant lol geesh have some respect for the dead

  10. Humans of earth. Please hide your dumbass. Dont let your dumbass hang out for everyone to see. You think of angels and demons because of your teachings. Its all aliens even the spiritual experiences. But the blinding lies humanity is tought will continue to perpetuate the galactic dumbass.

  11. I think we have 7 billion people on the Earth. That is Billion with a “B”, not Trillion with a “T”.

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