19 thoughts on “UFO Disclosure Project 2010 Full”

  1. I saw an alien in my garden just this morning. He said ‘yeah theres loads of us out there n stuff’ I believed him. Then I went and had 2 slices of toast. I saw him out window, he had a piss in the fish pond and climbed over the wall. Then a few seconds later a bright light went straight up into the sky and I went for a shit.

  2. My parents say 2they are actors im trying to open there fucking eyes yet thry think this is all bullshit cus its not on TV WTF how did i come from these people

  3. UFO and remote mind reading/manipulation technology is very real and was created by Nazi scientists by the end of WW2 with no alien help. there is a war being waged against the general population by a criminal organization that works within high ranks of the US military and many other governments. the game is to control peoples minds, to enslave humanity. the ones who get close are made to believe we are in contact with alien civilizations. some angelic/demonic beings from other dimensions.

  4. To anyone falling for the whole “Disclosure Project” SCAM, should look up the “IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT” and how it’s the criminal Rockerfellers who started this whole scam. Don’t believe me, LOOK IT UP, THE WHOLE SCAM IS FUNDED BY THE ROCKERFELLERS READ THE “IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT”

  5. I LOVE IT when you folks finally find this excellent presentation and re-release it on YouTube yet again!! When I 1st found it after a Larry King show that had some of these witnesses on, I needed a block & tackle to reel in my jaw that solidly hit the floor – further & further with each witnesses testimony !! This video should solidly plant EVERY viewer into the UFO and extraterrestrial mystery and help lead us toward realization of the”NOW WHAT!??” of this situation. BUT..then again..NOW WHAT?

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