24 thoughts on “UFO Abduction, Mutilations & Missing People”

  1. Yes, of course,there are free nations in our region of space, the allies of humanity are representatives from these nations who are aware of our existence. They have send us the info we lack & need to know about the present ET visitors. They make clear that all present ET visitors hide that they are here competing to take over our world. Their promises of peace & technology are a deception.
    FOR ALL THE INFO, read the briefings free online,

  2. Ets are slowly taking over our world. And because it is in their advantage & interest that we are conflicted & that we outstrip our world, they will enhance this. They plant thougts into people’s minds & use people for their purposes. Many work for them, without being aware of the abuse.

  3. There he goes again.The FBI has nothing on the reality of “Snoory’s Sickos”,ritual human mutilation.Just a fucking urban legend he and other dopes perpetuate.Knapp dwarfs Snoory.

  4. Human beings are dangerous,that is a given,but if et were the same, I think there would be more concrete proof by now.The Valentich case in Australia is the only documented example of a possible snatch and grab by non human intelligence.But we still don’t know who snatched Snoory’s brain.

  5. You can get the pictures and coroners report from the Brazilian case! Ive seen pictures of the 3 familys in Egypt who were mutilated in 2005. So theres some open cases on the Webb but of course no cases from the US!

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