12 thoughts on “U.F.Os Encountered During Apollo 11 Mission U.F.O Lands On Command Module”

  1. Nasa: “we lost the technology we used because we couldn’t document it”
    “We lost artifacts, they got stolen”
    “We need 10 years for another moon mission”
    “India found water on moon? oh great!”
    Guys, wake up. WE NEVER LANDED ON MOON!

  2. Spacedust ? Examine the footage more close. There are three different spots in this footage that objects land on the command module. Explain if you could, how Spacedust maneuvers itself to land on the module. These objects are anywhere from 6 inches to 1 1/2 foot in diameter. Please review the footage to investigate more.

  3. Well when the original footage is slowed enough to see this object, its rate of travel was held the longest on the module indicating to me it stopped on the module. I guess the most significant part of the first object is that it is next to the command module and then appears to join with it. The last one is what confirms for me there are objects flying up to the module and investigating it. Even landing on it. Thanks for your input friend.

  4. That is all I can figure, unless they a biological. But how could something biological move so fast covering great distance and pressures. So i tend to lean toward the first Idea, yes probes.

  5. Like the Secret Book of John these realities can only be seen or known by individuals properly prepared to receive its revelation. “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not; like the idols they served. This is an upbraiding of them with their folly and stupidity, their want of common sense, their blindness and ignorance.” More Great Work! Best to you.

  6. Looks more like it just passes behind the module with the illusion that it “landed” on it due to the frame being snapped JUST as it begins it’s pass behind it IMO FWIW.

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