U.F.O. Disclosure MUST SEE X-conference 2010 press conference (LQ) part 5.MOV

Amazing conference that was held two blocks away from the White house. Disclosure is coming!!! All our lives are going to be changed in the coming years. I cant wait ­čÖé

Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: http://whynotnews.eu/?p=2045 ~credits video edit: http://youtube.com/TheAliensandUfos New Mexico 0:16 Chili 0:44 Apollo 1:0…

35 thoughts on “U.F.O. Disclosure MUST SEE X-conference 2010 press conference (LQ) part 5.MOV”

  1. Ive Been Awake Since Ive Watch Star Wars Ever Since Then I Knew There Had To Be Inteligent Life Outside Our Planet So Im Saying´╗┐ This Openly Screw TheGovorment No Actually Fuck The Govorment´╗┐ For Hiding This Secret For So Long We Couldve Had Flying Cars By Now All The Technology You See In Star Wars & Star Strek Wed Couldve Had By Now

  2. I surely don’t advocate retribution, but the law of attraction makes it impossible for you to achieve your goals. The press have done wrong, and will not´╗┐ come out of this.

  3. The american´╗┐ press has badgered the american public too much, altered the news and watered down and dumbed down everyone and everything, slept with the government day in and day out to hide all the facts… You might run now after the truth and chase every official, but every reporter should be lynched with the politicians to have played the american public for a 100 years for the least on many levels and many topics…

  4. YES! I believe MOST of our advancement in many areas of technology is developed from stuff found in the UFO’s that have been found & hidden by Govts all over the World .. think about it!´╗┐ How can humans have this developed this stuff SO FAST without ‘outside’ help? We can’t even develop sustainable rubbish control, yet we have all this other technical development!? Give me a break! Don’t you think our meagre attempts at (largely unsuccesful) ‘space flight’ are trying to copy what’s been found!?

  5. Youtube is great, in fact now you can´╗┐ link your youtube account with your facebook account if you want (but I wouldn’t recommend that).

    Just use the search bar at the top of the page to look for vids. Almost anything you search will have some results.

    If you are bored or dont know what to search for than try browsing videos by category. Using the Browse button next to the search bar.



  6. Hi´╗┐ I am new too you tube just created a account any help on how to work with the site would be great. I’m om facebook too!

  7. Some say we could´╗┐ be a game put here by other worlds & they return to see if we’ve blown our selves up yet,you cant tell me that other worlds didnt see the gigantic explosions in the wars past,atom bombs,they could be watching from afar through wormholes the rise in temp of the planet.I know theres an increase in sightings,i like the vid,we are heading,technology wise,the wrong way but proud we are.

  8. Some ppl probably voted down because of the missile footages, space debris and the fake alien footage. Add those stuff with the actual real unexplained, and people thimb down. Can’t blame them.´╗┐

  9. There is definitely life out there, because to say that Earth is the only planet out of all the other´╗┐ millions of planets and galaxies, makes you sound extremely ignorant. The question is, will we ever be able to fully interact with life outside Earth?

  10. The real question is who are we. Do we really understand or know our own selves? Do you really know who it is that you are? Look at your hands!!!! hold´╗┐ them!! look at your face in the mirror!! touch it!!! eveyone lives there lives trying to figure out everyone else for comparison. you cannot compare anything to another without understanding. So how many grains of sand hold your footsteps together??? the same amount it took to create you!!!

  11. Life; not mankind! We are linked through electrical impulses throughout the universe. We are never alone and never have been during our spiritual enlightenment on what we consist of and who we represent as a whole; not´╗┐ one life as a singularity but as a whole life period. union is seperated by singularity. to single out as one is where we misrepresent ourselves and others as a union of force and power. we weaken ourselves through segregation and leave ourselves open for speculation and doubt

  12. There is 10 people with closed minds who have watched this. I could understand dismissing a couple of sightings but all of them? I think every one is ready´╗┐ to know

  13. egypt have paintings of space gods. they where the first to make electricity. christianity tells about how a star from the sky leaded them. no im not saying jesus was alien. but what if he was ? he could do things out of the ordenary his gods son. he RAISED again after death. and we have heard´╗┐ from people at black budget that they are extraterrestrial creatures, seen by MILLIONS of people and i just solved the puzzle of human kind..

  14. in the earli years of man kind. it seemed imposible to travel on water. we did it. it seemed imposible to´╗┐ fly. we did it. now is it so hard to belive that in a eternal universe theres some one who mastered space travel before us ? i mean they can be 200000 millions of years ahead of us developing it. they might/posobly. have meterials that would be mind blowing to us.

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