24 thoughts on “They’re Out There, Man! UFO Guy remixed”

  1. Blast.. you’re absolutely correct.. Crap and balls.. Ruins the best part of the song. Just watched the actual interview.. he says “no little green men sir” and the dude asks him “no?” and he says “no” and broke my heart.. Misheard lyrics.. sucks.

  2. He is an alien. Know why they didn’t get a hold of him? He was killed by his own. They’ve been here for ages and ages. Know why he said Air Force One instead of Area 52? CAUSE OBAMA KNOWS! The graves he was talking about? That’s the graves of the kennedys, they also knew. Obama has been compared to Kennedy many times, and rightly so.

    You’re welcome, conspiracy nuts. Have at it.

  3. Melodysheep, you’ve done it again, another great remix that makes a minute or two feel like longer than that

  4. Hilarious that he speculates they might be made out of water as some kind of trippy thought but in fact life on Earth is madeup almost entirely of water – the human body ranging from ~80% water in infants to ~60% in adults.

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