23 thoughts on “The Real Story Behind Aliens UFO’s Demons and the Illuminati (Full Documentary)”

  1. okie dokie legion. so you’re an unclean spirit who was cast out into pigs? our name is legion, for we are many? lol. I expect you on my breakfast plate… EXTRA CRISPY.

  2. OMFG u r the poster child for the galaticly stupid !!! god is heroin for the weak of mind u fucking idiot, lol if i had a nuke Israel would b my 1st target 2d target Vatican city and 3rd Mecca , then maybe u retarded sky fairy worshiper would quit killing each other over a “LOVING GOD” that does not exist in the 1st place ALL HAIL SATAN PEACE FELLOW DEMONS and yes i am coming for u soon

  3. who believes in zombies? wtf… id hate to go for a walk in the park with that person lol. unless of course… zomebies will be the crazy people when the stock market crashes, and theres not enough of everything for everyone to go around!!! they will be zombies… wild ravaging people. eager to kill for something. they will be the zombie 🙁

  4. Do not TAZE me brooooo…..awwwww! Lmao. I think the cops tazed him only because he called them bros. lmbo

  5. zombies do exist moron. not the holywood zombies that everyone knows but ones in voodoo practises in haiti and west africa, these zombies arnt really dead, but druged by voodoo priests with a powerful neurotoxin. It puts them in lifeless state for a few days, and they awake with severe brain damage which gives of an appearence of being the walking dead .. research there are a number of cases .. mooron.

  6. You guys are just a bunch of religious morons. Albert Einstein said it himself, god is a childish creation of our imaginations. It’s as if we believed in zombies which some people actually do. It’s human nature to be childish, but seriously there are more atheists every year. Everyone should know monotheism is just a phase just like polytheism for the Greeks.

  7. Religion is flawed because it is a man made thing. Man is flawed.
    Jesus is not flawed, follow him, not religion.

  8. God is not a “giant guy”. There is nothing in scripture that portrays Him as a “giant guy”. Also, if you do serious research, you will find that Christians were the first real scientists in the early 1400’s and their goal in creating scientific principles was to understand the creation of God. Science and God are not separable, even though you are taught to believe that they are mutually exclusive, which they are not.

  9. J. Allen Hynek, the lead investigator of the U.S.A.F.’s “project bluebook” & Jacques Vallee a French astronomer (portrayed in “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind) BOTH concluded that UFO’s are “demonic in nature.”… “If these entities have been visiting us for decades, why/what are they hiding”?

  10. I just find it hard to believe that a giant guy made us from clay, an im not tryin to be a asshole or anything but im gonna stick with science, Again im not trying to be a asshole.

  11. A dhuine uasail, Go raibh maith agat! …Slan agus beannacht, agus beannacht De le hanamacha na marbh!

  12. Thank you for your OPINION.There is more evidence for Jesus Christ than ANY other ancient personage. If you ignore/dismiss the Gospels than you have to ignore/dismiss ANY other literature from the past as “hearsay” … “Science” is your God? Ironic that “science” can’t explain ANY philosophical questions. (i.e. where we come from, why are we here, what is the origin of the universe, etc.) It claims that it all come from “nothing.” And you think Christians believe in fairy tales?

  13. Check out the greys at 1:06:59. One of those things followed our car for a few miles in 1971 in the California/Arizona desert!

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