The Arrival 2011 -Countdown to UFO Disclosure **OFFICIAL VIDEO**

Earth is changing and so are the UFO sightings.. it’s not just lights in the sky or triangle shapes.. Locations are starting to stand out, weather patterns a…
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UFO Contact - Former Canadian Defence Minister - Disclosure 2012 ?

see: UFO – Extraterrestrial Contact Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer…
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48 thoughts on “The Arrival 2011 -Countdown to UFO Disclosure **OFFICIAL VIDEO**”

  1. UFOs are real as i have seen 2 of them at the same time up close (150 yards away and 35 and 45 feet up in the air.
    In responce regarding the falling UFO, at the 1:13 mark of this video, its not real.
    Do your research people
    Since i can t post a link here, do a YOUTUBE title search
    I hope this helps

  2. WTF are they????? Undeniable!! I find this footage extremely disturbing! If they become hostile, WE ARE FUCKED!

  3. A dust storm over Phoenix indicates that the aliens are coming??? All you who believe that are just retarded. Soooooo many stupid “alien” videos on youtube, not sure why I even bother.

  4. It was the Genesis spacecraft sample return probe which had collected a sample of the solar wind. It was supposed to return to Earth for analysis in a way that kept it free from contamination but its parachute failed to deploy and it crash-landed in Utah.

  5. Stop listening to your church. Religion fked us long ago. Copied from Ancient Egypt. Its actually the other was around. Bible word for man = Humanity. And the Devil was MAN. > Earth was left to the WICKED.

  6. Can anybody give meany details on the opening footage of a object spinning out of control and then crashing ?

  7. aliens obviously exist given the huge size of universe but they would be so far away that it would be impossible for us or them to visit each other… idk this video seems fake

  8. That one in the New York skies are easy to disprove. The had a snow-storm in the Ukraine that day and some of the light from the moon reflected off of the cold atmosphere causing an excitement of particles in the polluted gases over New York. There. I can now work for the Federal government.

  9. UFO and remote mind reading/manipulation technology is very real and was created by Nazi scientists by the end of WW2 with no alien help. there is a war being waged against the general population by a criminal organization that works within high ranks of the US military and many other governments. the game is to control peoples minds, to enslave humanity. the ones who get close are made to believe we are in contact with alien civilizations. some angelic/demonic beings from other dimensions.

  10. Does anyone have any other pieces of evidence for aliens similar to this video’s level of authority? Because this sounds believable, but I am still skeptic because UFOs are still surrounded in Roswell bullshit and stupid eye witnesses, or the twat Ike.

    I am coming here with an open mind, anyone to help?

  11. its nice to see im not the only one to agree with your theory. i totally agree with you. nice to see that other people are somewhat wise too .

  12. That is an interesting idea, but one that does not accurately reflect reality. You can do research and know that the technology does exist and is being perfected. Also, the other beings can be reached through different means than technology.

  13. These people get paid to give bullshit lectures because there is a large audience out there who wants to hear this bullshit. If you want to pay me to lecture at a UFO convention, I will come up with even better bullshit than this guy. You can say anything you want and the crazier it sounds, the more people will love it.

  14. your own government came to the same conclusions. The US government/military is with holding alien tech and information. Open your mind crock pot

  15. jujufactory…your an idiot…this guy is representing a country…do you think he would give his country a bad name willingly? your the crock…pull out your bible and tell your fable to feel better about yourself…thinking just like an ape…that is exactly what the governments want.

  16. Atheists are just as FUCKING ANNOYING as radical believers. Why don’t you both shut the fuck up fo I smack ya mamas in dey fat n floppy half dollar nipple breasteses!

  17. People stop calling them UFO or Alien…they are Stars Beings…be friend with them it’s only natural, You will all have an oportunity on 21 Dec 2012 and it’s not the end of the world that will happen , it’s gonna be a new beginning…a wonderful Mother earth 🙂

  18. when you feel the necessity to demean people of faith, your whole argument is lost and you become a angry joke. UFOs can be believed by all

  19. *** See my video about russian officials upset over their premiere talking about aliens in Russia! *** NOTE: You must read my comments to find out this information. This information was made available yesterday Monday December 10, 2012 Thanks

  20. ++++ I have been able to capture some amazing digital images involving UFO’s & Aliens! Evidence that Aliens do exist! We cannot put a limit on God’s creative ability! In 2007 I captured an image of an animal that Zoologists cannot identify! All evidence of what I captured vanished withing 8 hours of the occurrence including a large puddle of blood! I have evidence that will help us to understand more of what we seek to learn! Feel free to SUBSCRIBE to my Channel & watch my videos. Thanks ++++

  21. I hope we never make contact. I don’t think ETs would be too pleased with how stupid we think they are. To travel eons upon eons and crash here/allow themselves to be seen? You have to be a class-a moron to allow that to happen.

  22. it must be said that alien hysteria comes from western religiuos societies, yes, as to the understanding that the “Christ” was an alien? we from Turtle Island(north america)
    sent him across the waters to the land of cain in that these people are the most war like people and war is evil, because we knew that they are coming to spread war to every part of the planet.
    to state that he’s an E.T. is just how little westerners know anything about true history.

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