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Westall 66 Australian UFO encounter gets a park

Westall 66 Australian UFO encounter gets a park
Australia's most incredible mass UFO sighting is being commemorated with a UFO-themed playground. The sighting, referred to as Westall '66, took place in 1966 in the town of Clayton South, a suburb of Melbourne. There were over 90 witnesses, many of …
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Friday: Tank, 2013 Ozark UFO Conference, Scimitar Shrine Circus and more
The truth is out there, and you might just find it at the 2013 Ozark UFO Conference up in Eureka Springs. It kicks off Friday and goes through Sunday at Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, 8 a.m., $ 90 for a full pass. The Scimitar Shrine Circus has it all …
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UFO film to provide proof that aliens exist
The film, which premieres on April 22, is titled ' Sirius' and showcases the claims of Steven Greer, a prominent UFO researcher, to prove that the US government is actively covering up hard evidence of extraterrestrial life. UFO film to provide proof …
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