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Leaked Nasa MOON TOWER Footage – Apollo – UFOs – Bases

www.secretufofootage.com NASA FILM FOOTAGE PREVIEW www.dailymotion.com The following footage has been kept in a close relative’s private safe for the past 30 years. It was procured by him during his years working within the Nasa program during the early 70’s and has been stored away until now. After my relatives passing in 2008, on his request the footage was given to me. The nearly 1GB worth of files come with 134 Nasa photos from the Apollo era all the way up to 1975. There are orbiter photos as well as shots taken from the ground on the lunar surface and above while orbiting around it. The photos all show anomalies, from large craft to structures, to moon towers and things unexplainable. The photos are from Apollo missions as well as missions not made public, also known as “black” missions. Included with the photos were 32 minutes of video footage from on the moon and in flight showing these same anomalies. I cannot publish this footage due to it’s sensitive nature, however if you would like a downloadable file please e-mail me at secureteam10@gmail.com for access to the most revealing moon footage (never) seen.. NASA has not published any of this footage to date. Anywhere. The only thing asked of anyone wanting the footage is a small donation, which will go to helping the family of my recently passed relative. It’s a small price to pay for such a large collection, especially after what it took to get this footage out in the first place. Well worth it as anyone who
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