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PHOTOS : Little Green Dogs Take Over Roswell

2011 ufo
Image by angs school

PHOTOS : Little Green Dogs Take Over Roswell
Alien creatures great and small are shown off during the Alien Pet Contest at the annual Roswell UFO Festival. Site of the alleged alien spacecraft crash on July 7th 1947, the town of Roswell has embraced the controversies surrounding that (non) event …
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Why One City Project Went .7B Over Budget
By nightfall the glaring industrial lighting on the site suggests the UFO landing pad from Close Encounters. The actual plant is being built eight stories below ground. …. By March of 2011 it was time for Skanska USA Civil, the contractor that got …
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Take Us To Your Browser: Roswell Sightings Makes First Contact

Take Us To Your Browser: Roswell Sightings Makes First Contact
Roswell Sightings, in partnership with the International UFO Museum in Roswell, NM, is proud to announce the launch of their new, interactive website dedicated to the intersections between ufology, science fiction, and space. … The launch of the …
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UFO House Doha I Drum Scan Take 4

Some cool about ufo images:

UFO House Doha I Drum Scan Take 4
about ufo
Image by Doha Sam
Pacemaker Crown Graphic large format 4×5 camera with Fuji Velvia 100F slide film.

Exposure details:
Date: 2012-01-13
Time: 10pm
Shutter Speed: 600 seconds
Aperture: f22

So far this is my favourite of the images taken on the outing with Wessel.

This is the drum scan done by Tim Parkin. The detail is astounding.

This edit has been all about shaping the tonal information of the photograph and tuning the contrast. Some subtle refinements have also, I hope, helped the picture "rest" in the frame. This is getting very close to what I imagined when I first saw the slide on the light table.

Previous crummy scan by my flatbed scanner here for comparison:

P.S. It turns out my suspicions that I’d better photograph it soon were well founded… It was demolished soon after I took this.

UFO, or Santa. I dunno
about ufo
Image by Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer
But seriously, last Saturday (Dec. 20) while I was taking the pictures just before this one in East Harlem, my friends mouth dropped open and said "what the…" When I turned my head, I saw this very large dark object coming towards us from the bronx. It took about 15 seconds to get from about 200th street to 110th street. It made no noise, it had no lights, it was not a plane or a helicopter. It was traveling in a straight path, smooth and deliberate. It was not trash or garbage blowing in the wind, because it did not fluster… it remained solid and knew where it was going. I did not enhance this photo in anyway. So what was it?

Did Neil Armstrong Take UFO Secrets to the Grave? (Video)

Did Neil Armstrong Take UFO Secrets to the Grave? (Video)
Did Neil Armstrong know more about UFO sightings on the Moon than he told the public? Was it the reason he left NASA and became a very private citizen? That's the theory cropping up on the web and discussed in the video attached below. According to …
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UFO sightings and Alien encounter may not be happy one: Nobel laureate
Real UFO sightings and alien encounter has been talked about regularly by both scientists and laymen recently. But the face-off between human beings and aliens may not be that warm, as many people expect. It is probably unwise for human beings to be …
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Aliens Want You To Go Topless
After all, the classic story of a sighting of the aliens commonly referred to as Grays is of a little barefoot nekkid dude with big eyes. And they are from another planet after all, so are probably not bound by the shame of Original Sin so why should …
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