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The Mysterious Moraki Boulders

Check out these are aliens real images:

The Mysterious Moraki Boulders
are aliens real
Image by hdrapprentice
From Trey Ratcliff:


Daily Photo – The Mysterious Moeraki Boulders
These are some of the most mysterious and alien structures I have ever seen!

Yesterday I remarked that I had a major in computer science. Well, for a short time, I had a double-major in comp sci and Geophysics. I got pretty deep into it until I had a fight with a Geology teacher over an intellectual matter (he was wrong and still is), and I dropped that half of the major. Anyway, it never dulled my interest in rocks and Earth science. So, when I saw these strange round rocks for the first time, I was extra-fascinated. Not that I had any idea what they were. My years of geology training did me no good at all… I think it was even more frustrating because I knew all the things they could not be. The remaining possibilities just seemed off-the-chart impossible.

And worse, I didn’t have a mobile connection to Wikipedia to help me figure it all out with my iPhone-tricorder!

After I got back, I was able to figure out a bit more of the arcane science around it all. Even more interesting, I read that 12 miles south of this spot is another are called the "Katki Boulders". They contain the bones of mosasaurs and plesiosaurs. Cool!

The Great Richard MacManus of the Great New Zealand
In the last two months, I’ve gotten to meet two great Kiwis: Richard MacManus (founder of ReadWriteWeb), and Ray Furgeson (NZ Ambassador to the US). John P, who put up the video of my art yesterday, set up a dinner down in Austin during SXSW with me, Richard MacManus, Elyssa Pallai, Cali Lewis, Sean Ammirati. We ate at the famous Oasis here in Austin and saw a beautiful sunset. John gave us all a secret look at some sweet new features of Woopra before we bloated ourselves on Mexican food. It was great!

I also was very happy to find out more about Richard, his background, and more about the way he thinks about things. I’ve always been a fan of ReadWriteWeb, and even went out to their "Real Time Web" conference last year. I hope I didn’t bore Richard and Elyssa by talking about my plans to move my family and StuckInCustoms.com to New Zealand… but I just get quite excited about their country. Maybe with today’s photo of the strange spherical boulders, you’ll see why.

If you want to find out more about what it looks like there, just click the New Zealand category here on the site!

The Six of us at Dinner at the Oasis. BTW, I’m the one in the glasses.

New Tweetboard Widget
I added a new Tweetboard widget there on the left. It’s a quick way for you to check in on the latest tweets and conversations on Twitter. I am at twitter.com/TreyRatcliff.

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059 D_01b Page Two Detail from H. P. Lovecraft 20-Oct-1932 Letter to E. Hoffmann Price 3.5 X 5.6 From the 10-May-1981 Envelope to William Hart
are aliens real
Image by California Cthulhu (Will Hart)
Description and Transcription from Henry Paget-Lowe (Juha-Matti Rajala):

This is the second page of a letter from HPL to Price of 20 October 1932. The first page is missing here, but in Selected Letters 4.90-92 the excerpt (letter # 572) begins thus:
About Derleth—I’m going to mail you a copy of _Pagany_ with his “Five Alone”—& possibly (that is, if I can find it!) one of the Midland with his “Old Ladies”—three-starred by E. J. O’Brien in the “Best Short Stories of 1932”. Keep these as long as you like—though I’d like to see them again eventually. You will see in these things a writer absolutely alien to the facile little hack who grinds out minor W.T. junk. There is nothing common betwixt Derleth A & Derleth B—no point of contact in their mental worlds—and yet one brain houses them both . . . . . . artist & business-man, standing back to back and never speaking! The real Derleth’s source is in writers like Proust, & other evokers of wistful reminiscence who symbolise universal things in particular

[and the letter continues on this page:] memories. Nearly all the gang agree that the kid will go far in literature—probably farther than any of the rest. All the others—including myself, god damn it, despite my best efforts to keep clear of the taint—are more or less influenced by the cheap & tawdry methods & moods of commercial writing. Derleth can stoop to hack work, & yet keep his real side intact as a sincere artist. I don’t see how he does it—but he does. You’ll see what I mean when you get the stuff I’m sending. All of which reminds me that I’ve lately purchased E. J. O’brien’s “Dance of the Machines”—a splendid exposé of the vulgar shallowness, insincerity, & worthlessness of American commercial fiction under the false-standard conditions of the present. If you haven’t read this, & would like to, I’d be glad to lend it to you. Other recent purchases of mine (at an alluring remainder sale) are Huysman’s “A Rebours” & Perutz’s “Master of the Day of Judgement”.
As for my “Dreams in the Witch-House”—Derleth didn’t say it was unsalable, in fact, he rather thought it would sell. He said it was a poor story, which is an entirely different & much more lamentably important thing. I’m not sure that I wish it to appear before something is done to it. On the other hand, Smith & Wandrei liked it, & Dwyer’s opinion was more favourable than otherwise. The best thing to do is to wait while & see how it strikes me on a fresh reading. I think I need a long fallow period during which to purge my mind of the popular-fiction formula—for I can’t carry water on both shoulders as Derleth can. The story before the “Witch-House”—“The Shadow over Innsmouth”—has also been unfavourably received; & all my work, past & present, has recently had a very revealing analysis from a reader whose wide attainments well qualify him to render an opinion. Undeniably, I have allowed the popular forms to infect my work more than I have realised; so that it is always deficient in the subtlety & fineness & mood-drawing [. . . continues here: www.flickr.com/photos/cthulhuwho1/6943900569/ in/photostream/]

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Oya, African Warrior Goddess
are aliens real
Image by nubius2000
This is not the real Oya, but rather Aiana, a 15th century African woman who was bestowed with the power of Oya by the Agoni, an alien race of gamers. This Oya is the mother of Gianna de Medici, also known as Azazel…

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UFO? Superman? Mysterious light burns bright across the sky

Image by hharryus
Paul Raymond,UFO

UFO? Superman? Mysterious light burns bright across the sky
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MUFON's best UFO video case of 2012
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