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Alien Power Plant Found in the Moon

Alien Power Plant Found in the Moon
The photo was taken on 21 April, 1972. The report was posted on 21 July, 2013. The website, UFO Sightings Daily, is coordinated by Scott C. Waring. He had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently …
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Stanley Kurtz Is Very, Very Afraid of Diversity
… as if Obama is going to cram everyone into cities with the density of Manhattan. The non-subtle fear he's trying to provoke is of interaction with people his readers are afraid of. Obama is going to force you to sit on a subway, even though it's …
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More unsettling facts about Dulce Part III
Anthony Sanchez has written an extremely provocative book entitled “UFO Highway” that does just that, this obscure publication gives us a roadmap that spans decades old evidence. Based upon insider testimony by a former anonymous colonel, it traces …
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Ancient Aliens on the Moon Reviews

Ancient Aliens on the Moon

Ancient Aliens on the Moon

Best-selling author and Secret Space Program researcher Bara brings us this lavishly illustrated volume on alien structures on the Moon. He looks into the history of lunar anomalies and the early NASA programs. He gives us an examination of ruins on the Moon in the Sinus Medii region. Using images from the Surveyor, Lunar Orbiter and Ranger missions. He looks at the Apollo lunar missions to the Moon and the photographic evidence supporting the “transparent dome theory,” plus he looks at furthe

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ATLANTIUM Episode XXXIII MOON BASE COVER UP? Did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin see a vast hidden Moon Base on the Dark Side of the Moon? The Russians released secret recordings made during the flight over the Moon Base. Did the Apollo program find more on the Moon than they bargained for?
ATLANTIUM the serialized book by ROC HATFIELD looks into new discoveries that are pointing to questions that mainstream science does not want to hear. Are you ready to know?


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Price: $ 0.99