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PHOTOS : Little Green Dogs Take Over Roswell

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Image by angs school

PHOTOS : Little Green Dogs Take Over Roswell
Alien creatures great and small are shown off during the Alien Pet Contest at the annual Roswell UFO Festival. Site of the alleged alien spacecraft crash on July 7th 1947, the town of Roswell has embraced the controversies surrounding that (non) event …
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Why One City Project Went .7B Over Budget
By nightfall the glaring industrial lighting on the site suggests the UFO landing pad from Close Encounters. The actual plant is being built eight stories below ground. …. By March of 2011 it was time for Skanska USA Civil, the contractor that got …
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Game & Wario: Too little substance

Game & Wario: Too little substance
Another diversion asks players to shoot down UFOs, pick up the passengers they had abducted, and ultimately destroy the alien mothership. The television offers an overhead map while the GamePad screen has a first-person view. Other solo activities with …
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Ryan Adams Tweets California UFO Sighting, Then Deletes Tweets
David Bowie. Rocker David Bowie reported seeing a UFO hovering above a field in the U.K. The man who played an alien in the 1976 movie “The Man Who Fell To Earth” also co-edited a flying saucer newsletter when he was a teenager in the U.K. …
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UFO Cover-Ups Must End, Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell Says
Mitchell: After my space flight, I was contacted by descendants of the original Roswell observers, including the person who delivered the child-sized coffins to the Air Force to contain alien bodies. Another was one of the children of the deputy …
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'Weak as pre-sweetened Kool-Aid': Tavis Smiley unimpressed with Obama's
On Friday, liberal political commentator and PBS host Tavis Smiley criticized President Barack Obama immediately following his speech on race as it pertained to the outcome of the George Zimmerman verdict. Smiley had taken to Twitter on Friday to call …
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Little Gray Men: Roswell and the Rise of a Popular Culture Reviews

Little Gray Men: Roswell and the Rise of a Popular Culture

Little Gray Men: Roswell and the Rise of a Popular Culture

More than half of all Americans believe UFOs and aliens exist. How did extraterrestrials come to be so real for so many? Toby Smith tracks down our fascination with extraterrestrials, showing how Roswell became the fiber out of which all flying saucer and alien stories were woven in science fiction films and television programs, especially in the late 1940s and the 1950s. It all began outside Roswell on a July night in 1947. A nearby military base’s official announcement of the recovery of a cra

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