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Crew completes filming for Maury Island UFO incident movie

Crew completes filming for Maury Island UFO incident movie
According to the filmmakers: The short film is based on the true story – taken directly from declassified FBI documents – of Harold Dahl's June 21, 1947 UFO sighting near Maury Island and the first reported 'Man In Black' encounter that happened the …
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UFOs Visit US Air Force In Florida
Yesterday, I was driving down Parnell Rd. in Wauchula, FL. and took a picture of a UFO or UFO's when the sun was going down. Later that night at home around 9pm I began to hear a rumbling sound that for thirty minutes or so I thought was the weathers …
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UFO hunter witnesses alien activities in Florida
Summaries are given of 10 UFO and sightings intense ”Glows,” both near and far, on the Gulf of Mexico, from Monday, over the past 3 weeks from June 24, 2013 to Sunday, July 14, 2013, on northern Sanibel Island and the southernmost end of Captiva Island …
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1313: Bigfoot Island

1313: Bigfoot Island

1313: Bigfoot Island

2012 Release. On an island in the Pacific Northwest, a young woman calls to ancient spirits in order to right the wrongs inflicted on her. For this she summons the mythical beast that has long been rumored to roam the verdant forests. Nearby, a young man readies a cabin for the arrival of his friends. They’ve been coming to this place every year since they were kids, to relax and shape up before the start of a new college year. Only this time, they’re about to meet their worst nightmare.

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