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Jim Tortolano's Retorts: Elvis here from Mars

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Image by Erik Charlton
And is that mustache even real?

Jim Tortolano's Retorts: Elvis here from Mars
July and August are the months when (usually) not a lot of real news happens, and the columns are filled with “items” that normally would not make it into print. Typically, Congress and … If not, the guy could have reported a UFO sighting. It might …
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Why Apple iPhone leaks are like UFO sightings
In a funny way too our obsession with the leaks has taken a lot of the fun out of the real launches when they come. Sure there's that brief nano second when something new and utterly unexpected is unveiled, but we often don't even pause to take that in …
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UFO frenzy was sparked here 65 years ago

UFO frenzy was sparked here 65 years ago
UFO frenzy was sparked here 65 years ago. … On July 6, 1947, when the Northwest was in a flying saucer frenzy,; John Feick, 15, and Paul Fisher, 14, at right, received attention; People in Brewer weren't afraid of UFOs in April 1966. A UFO picture at …
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UFO sightings are 3615 times more common than instances of voter fraud
By Jane C. Timm Reported UFO sightings happen far more than voter fraud, Mother Jones reports. Republican legislatures are quick to legislate against supposedly rampant voter fraud, but a new report finds that UFO sightings are far more likely than …
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Noted Researcher Urges New Scientific Study of UFOs
In September 2010, Hastings' "UFOs and Nukes" press conference drew worldwide media coverage when seven U.S. Air Force veterans revealed dramatic incidents during which several ICBMs mysteriously malfunctioned just as disc-shaped craft were …
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