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"UFO Centre" Area 51 Confirmed to be a US Military Site

"UFO Centre" Area 51 Confirmed to be a US Military Site
The CIA has officially acknowledged that Area 51 is a US military test site, declassified in documents regarding the 1955 top secret U-2 Spy plane program. The tiny town of Rachel in Nevada is the most isolated and lonely place in America. Famous for …
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UFO videoed over remote beach in the Netherlands
The UFO video shows a group of people having fun as they watch the light. One commenter on the video suggests it could be a UAV and another suggests a remote controlled craft. The group's reactions do seem to be more along the lines of having a good …
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Grant Cameron reports John Alexander confirmed MJ-12

Grant Cameron reports John Alexander confirmed MJ-12
Cameron wrote that although Alexander's opinion of the mission of MJ-12 differed from the UFO control group interpretation, the significance of the colonel's statements could not be emphasized enough. Suspicions of distribution … In a 2010 article …
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China media: Fatal stabbings
"Norway is a notable exception. Oslo has had tense diplomatic relations with Beijing since dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010," notes the South China Morning Post. The South China Morning Post reports that people have …
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Golden Pudel: Die Welt ist eine Pudel
On July 18th, 2010, one day after Kyle Hall's 19th birthday, Thomas Becker from Golden Pudel club sat anxiously in his car at Hamburg Airport. Hall was supposed to play at the Pudel that night, and he was now very late. It started to seem like he wasn …
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Baltimore magazine headed to trial over commemorative plaques
It seems the company, Professional Laminating, which trades using the name Professional Recognition Products, advertised its services by reproducing the covers of Baltimore's “Top Doctors” issues in November 2010 and November 2011 in mailings it sent …
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