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Decades After Roswell, UFO Sightings in Greenbelt and Beyond

Decades After Roswell, UFO Sightings in Greenbelt and Beyond
… which highlights several pilots and military accounts of seeing something strange in the sky. But according to a host of varied sources – ranging from the Huffington Post to UFOSightingsDaily.com – reported sightings of UFOs increased dramatically …
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Windy City Fireworks Store Set On Fire, Burns To The Ground In Colorful Blaze
Many, including our own Jesse Ventura, believe they contain secret Masonic messages signifying a secret city built underneath the airport to protect the rich and government officials during the rumored apocalypse of 2012. <em><a href="http://www.trutv …
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Ford tops mid-year ranking of brands in the US
Ford jumped from sixth overall in 2012 to first for 2013, but those that have been watching these rankings shouldn't be hugely surprised. Ford was rated … Programs like UFO Hunters, Swamp People and Hairy Bikers means the channel offers a diverse mix.
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Texas student dies after swallowing a bag of meth

Texas student dies after swallowing a bag of meth
Gather around, kids, because The Daily Caller is about to serve up some shrewd advice: never swallow a bag of meth. Just don't. Even if it seems like a good idea, it's not. Madeleine Gene Richardson did not follow this bright-line rule. The 19-year-old …
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Going to town
Amid a workshop papered over with newspaper clippings about alien visitation and sightings, the craft was etched with organic-looking lines and markings in an extraterrestrial language – including – Superman's famous S-glyph. "Some Kryptonians have …
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MoD closes the X-files after 60-year UFO hunt

MoD closes the X-files after 60-year UFO hunt
But the department responsible for investigating unidentified flying objects has concluded that alien visitors probably do not exist. Among the documents released today were papers showing that the decision to close the two-man department was made …
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'Mine' at the Gift Theatre ???½
Perhaps "Mine" is a horrifying thriller involving the possibility of alien abductions. Perhaps it's just a portrait of postpartum depression. Maybe it's a study of why some women end up hurting their babies. Maybe it's an elaborate metaphor for how a …
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The (not so) real life X-Files: Chinese lanterns responsible for surge of UFO
The 25 files include reports of alleged abductions and contact with aliens, with UFO sightings coming from as far across the British Isles and the Canary Islands. One person even left a message on the hotline's answerphone, reporting a UFO flying over …
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