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Sony Launches Rugged, Super-Zoom 3D-Recording Binoculars – TechNewsWorld
While many nature lovers and sports fans can't put a price on what they might see through the binoculars, Sony has put a price on the actual device. It will cost US$ 2,000. Sony DEV-50 … of digitally powered binoculars — it is a camera as well. Users …
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Cloud Hunters: New Work from Gomez Bueno & Kassia Meador, Artists
Through her travels she makes beautiful relationships with people and places and her photos speak volumes of the movement, emotion and dreams of our current generation. Although … Paintings of perfectly round enormous black stereo speakers, colourful …
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Lastest Actual Ufo Photos News

Repo Man: Criterion Collection
Repo Man follows the misadventures of a white suburban punk named Otto who, after quitting his mundane 9-to-5 job and abandoning the punk lifestyle he once enjoyed, realizes that he has no real direction, no meaning in life until he meets Bud, who cons …
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Top 8 April fool pranks of all time
Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, two young cousins in Cottingley, England, made headlines in 1917 when they took five photographs of each other in the garden, with what appeared to be fairies. The pictures were so compelling that Sir … to be the …
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