25 thoughts on “Spectacular!!UFO Activity(May 22 2012)New Zealand”

  1. ive lived in nz for 10 years now and ive NEVER seen as many ufo’s as i have down here, seen some crazy stuff in the night sky in the central hawkes bay too

  2. D’ont panic, when your body will die, you will know that you are an spiritual energy, but at that time it will be too late for you 🙂 Relax and enjoy the rest of your non atheist life or shit else, just trust your self also… 🙂

  3. Yes, I want to know more. I want to know what you know. I want to believe, but I am an eternal skeptic, the reason I am an atheist, I don’t believe in anything. Show me the truth, so I may know things as you do.

  4. another wrong answer, let me help yall out with this one. their real, they are not what you think they are. they are, SIMPLY lights floating in the atmousphere under their own energy. whatever that energy may be. I can tell you more if you want, or you can be a disbeliever!!!! I DONT CARE ONE WAY OR THE OTHER

  5. Absolutely Amazing ! Makes one wonder ! !
    Was their any form of animations added to this ? I have seen things while time lapse filming at times and some times it can be other things, and some times, Well It could be An Holy Angel Or even a Fallen Angel. And other times it can be a star or what we know as meteorites and things we may not have understanding about.
    Any any case this was a great Time Lapse film and something for me to study !
    Thank you for sharing with us all 🙂 Many Blessings, 🙂

  6. from mine very low and poor english …i can tell U that what i saw in these video is for sure …… far far away from planes and missil or even satelites . I dont have any doubt that those artefacts ..are alien intelligent “stuff” ( ship , or whatever they have ) but at the moment , we the humans doenst have nothig able to go such speed in 1 or 2 seconds . Nothing ! . Best Regards

  7. Just look like satellites to me. I see them all the time, I actually look for them on lovely clear nights and usually see a few. Very common sighting here in NZ, nothing ‘spectacular’.

  8. so things always look fast on time laps. the back ground stars are moving to fast for these to be in real time, if it was in real time it could be a snail with a fluro jacket on… fake.

  9. Once more comment removed …
    Look at stars moving: on these frames it is clearly planes or slow moving things in the atmosphere.
    I don’t know for the other ones that seem to rise from the ground and move more quickly. But as the speed of time over the video changes and is not shown, it is hard to say anything more precise.
    Remember that the best way to catch a real ufo is to grab a spectrum with the help of a grating before the lens (it is very cheap)!

  10. I can’t find any videos of Chinese Lanterns right now on YouTube to compare it with, but pretty obvious it’s Chinese Lanterns floating by.
    Chinese Lanterns are a common everyday occurrence, I see them floating around my city at night all the time.
    Mistaking Chinese Lanterns or aircraft lights in the sky, as “alien space ships” or an “alien invasion from outer space,” just makes everyone who believes this shit look stupid!
    You should prolly lay off the marijuana for a day and clear your heads up.

  11. It definitely wasn’t planes….if you noticed he had it on some kind of time lapse which captured the spin of the earth, so whatever they were they weren’t moving very fast

  12. Mr Horsefarmer, it looks very impressive if you have filmed this honestly, then good on you. at first it does look like a plane taking off, but then you realise it is not.The rest do look a little like shooting stars, But want I would like to ask you what did you feel when you were filming these?. I often try to take photos at night and get the odd light ball in the shot, My camera can’t even show the stars like yours does. Please send me an email at: chrisandsimone@xtra.co.nz

  13. saw a bright light like that in dunedin……went straight up then almost disapeared seemed like just a pin prick, followed it;s movement and it changed to a disc shape that glowed brick orange and steadly went down the coast southwards no sound at all!!!! it was just after 11pm and the light that it 1st was looked like the searchlight at the front of a helicopter but it certinaly wasnt!!

  14. hi my post was too long,so ive posted 9 seperate postings,to those who read,sorry i copied my story backwards.but just read from bottom up.hope you enjoy the read,regards,surfteza1

  15. (we hadnt even got over our new years eve exsperience) yet a week later we saw another u.f.o. sighting..about three minutes later two small black jet planes came roaring around the coast from the south,heading north and the same exact direction as the u.f.o.and it seemed they were definatley chasing the object..any ways..keep up the good filming,look forward to seeing more.

  16. for many a weeks,similar weird and amasing lights,orbs,u.f.o sightings were recorded and well documented in raglan around this time.a week later,me and my cousin were sitting on our belcony,when we saw a metalic looking object in broad day light,perfect clear day,travelling high in the sky along the west coast, moving north bound super fast

  17. it did a few more fast travel stints back and forth,up and down in various directions,and making some crazy as 90 degree turns at high speed,before disappearing into the night sky,north of auckland…i was so inspired of the situation and experience,i went home and painted every thing i saw and remembered

  18. at that same time i noticed a few of my own friends werent keen on acknowledging what they had witnessed with their own eyes either..as ive always had an open mind to such things,i was the opposite,and questioned the situation even more,as i had done so many times before in the past.as it was dark by now,the glow from u.f.o became brighter,

  19. ,looking up and still watching the glowing disc shaped orb travelling and hovering in the sky,a little girl and her parants walk past us,the little girl asked her parents”mum,dad what are those people looking at in the sky?is that a u.f.o?her parents look up in surprise,in a instant they both look at each other confused,ignoring their daughters question,with the reply of”hurry up lets go its nothing…

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