42 thoughts on “SHADOW GOVERNMENT, ALIEN ABDUCTION, CONTACT,(Full Documentary)”

  1. this is bullshit yo as soon as he started to describe the characteristics of a possession, im like sounds like some shit that happened in the exorcist. and when he said that they can fuck with our perception saying that they come in the form of things, and when he started talking about the damn rapture really really … #SMDH

  2. lol Yes I think that WOULD open up the Brain,,, but not too sure if the mind would still be accessed after that…… not in this frequency of existence (dimension) anyway. hehehe..
    Whack on the head with a tomahawk…hehe good one.

  3. Because as Clinton said regarding UFOs “There is a government wihin the government and I don’t control that.” Please watch Grant Jeffreys excellent documentary “Shadow Government” Available on YouTube.

  4. What I do not understand is that I thought the President is the Commander & Chief. So why he can not see the UFO craft or Aliens?

  5. That’s interesting. As far as I am aware Amen does not nor has it ever meant “all men”. It is a Hebrew word that means may it be confirmed. What source did you find that says it comes from Sun worship? Thanks Be blessed

  6. don’t threaten their paradigm, dustin, the box that they live in is comfortable,,, and they will kill u if u cause them discomfort.

  7. I’m on an alien craft right now commenting from their vastly advanced computer while being probed.
    Please call the authorities and tell them!
    Wait, don’t call, I’m enjoying this!

  8. I was abducted 2 years ago. I havn´nt told anybody because people will think I´m crazy. I don´t know what they did to me I was only awake some of the time. But it took 4 hours and it feelt like 2 minutes. I have something between my shoulderblades, but it can not be seen on a scanner, but I can feel it.

  9. i had something alien implanted in myself one time….however, it was nothing that a good ‘ol fashioned enema won’t take care of. and i’m not even a doctor….

  10. Zimmerman father is Jewish..Yes, his mother is Peruvian though.Basically,he could claim white or Hispanic if he wants too.But George Zimmerman is a {white name}.most white Americans are mixed with Spanish or Native American.Take your DNA Test.

  11. Really, only whites. Zimmerman was Hispanic. How about all of the blacks who are killing people across this country? What about the Muslims who are killing people in the middle east. I highly doubt whites are holding up disclosure – or any other race for that matter. This is the first time I have read a post that racism is at all related to UFO disclosure.

  12. A UFO disclosure is unlikely after the George Zimmerman case.if George Zimmerman was found guilty,I would agree with you.White Americans is too racist to anybody that is not there color.Until all whites learn how to treat everybody fairly, than we should have a disclosure.

  13. Great to see some in depth information in light of all the history channel that is out here. Good job on this and I wish you the best with future endeavors. UFO disclosure is near and will take all of us to a new level of humanity.

  14. Well until a Grey alien lands in my neighborhood and I can pump it full of buckshot to see it is not fake then have fun being annoyed. You don’t understand that our government wants you to believe this crap. Most people don’t believe anything our government says and that is why they keep acting like they are hiding something. After seeing how bad our government lies to the people they could show one sitting on the white house lawn and 80 percent of you would scream fake with me! Don’t be a fool!

  15. By that statement of yours, should you be hung for your opinions? People have more evidence that the governments of this world are using the UFO phenom to hide their secret aircraft projects and will most definitely use a fake alien invasion to poor trillions into defense contractors while they deny every religion on earth. It is Satanism pure and simple. Abductions have the same symptoms of demonic possessions. We have had NANO tech for many years and this doctor is ignoring that fact.

  16. From all the humans on the planet they had to abduct this guy…7:24
    -“Sir. these humans specimens are far less developed than we thought, they present no harm to our race”
    –“Hmm. Let them be then, we’ll come back in another million years, see if they made any progress.”

  17. Yes im open minded to e.t. exsisting, and have been here. I think its naive to think they are friendly and not a threat if they do exsist.

  18. This documentary is pretty one dimensional. Try “The Day Before Disclosure” or “I Know What I Saw” here on utube. They focus more on sighting and govt. coverups. For really good firsthand perspective check out Stan Romanek’s talks. His is probably the most thoroughly documented abduction case on the planet replete with reams of evidence. The physics equations he has transcribed are mind blowing. It’s way beyond me, but eggheads say they point to how ETs bend the space time continuum for travel.

  19. this is verry interesting! we didnt know things like this would happen in bakersfield ca…..do some more of these videos..

  20. what bubble? I actually work and live in the real world. I dont sit home believing that aliens are real or evil conspiracy theories. The goverment hides aircraft through disinformation. And dumb people eat it up. I seen something. It must of been a ufo. Crackpots!

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