25 thoughts on “Russian Missile Neutralized By UFO’s March 13th, 2011”

  1. ” The God has send military assistance to human by sending UFO to fight against reptilian and that why we always hear bad news about UFO from the media.It is because,the media has been controlled by the reptilian.If you watch YouTube the reptilian create laser and plasma or very high technology of weapon to shoot down UFO from Earth to sky.UFO actually already have a long time war against the reptilian from century to century.Unfortunately,we sided with reptilian and believe what reptilian say “

  2. I HATE to say it…but it could be…..a piece of burning up asteroid, satellite, or even some bang clippings from beibers mop. See? if you cant prove it is NOT that, then you MUSt as a ratiomnal person, give it a 50/50 credence.

    just like Religion. Atheist…no such thing..i thinkall atheists are just agmnostics in sheeps clothing. HAHAHAHA

  3. i suspect hes talking about the three little twinkley things that seem to follow the burning down a good way

  4. this is from march the 7th and its nothing to do with russian missiles u douche !! just copy other peoples videos and make up a story u waste man !!

  5. Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  6. no,,it seems like the rocket was slowed and stopped in space,,that is why the contrail vapor mushroomed and spread out,,,the rocket was stopped,,you never see a contrail from a rocket do this,,even if the boosters fall away,,the boosters are empty at that stage,,these are still spuing vapor but in a mushroom…that is amazing that those three blinking lights were ufs stopping a rocket traveling thousands of miles an hour,,incredible,,,

  7. whatever it is thats goin on is bout to happen. u can call it god, aliens “which by definition would be the same thing” whatever this is on this video isnt natural and isnt seen all the time so if you want to doubt it, show a vid jus like it to compare. alot of activity is goin on up in the sky and most ppl wont jus look up. i cant wait to see ppls faces when they show themselves. so funny ppl believe in the bible sayin its the almighty god but the ppl are jus explaining the same things we see

  8. it’s either boosters or fuel tanks, but it is definitely not aliens. don’t get me wrong, they’re absolutely out there, but not everything we see floating around up there is an ET object

  9. same date of the arizona lights watch night skies 🙂 this is beautiful i love the number 13 cause amazing things happen on that day and ufos show up all the time on the 13th

  10. Thanks 😀 A friend who knows about this pointed those very things out t me after. Id one isnt aware of the perspective, it looks like this is coming down to the earth, when in fact it is going up into space and the gases are spreading out in the vacuum.

  11. those are the boosters that the satelite’s vessel no longer needs, they fall back to earth to be used again, at least in some cases they are.

  12. this is a video of a rocket being launched into space. when a rocket reaches a certain distance it goes into its next stage, at this point, it detaches anything from the last stage in it’s flight that is no longer necessary. the blinking objects seen in the beginning of the video are probably the boosters the rocket needed to leave the earths lower atmosphere. the “explosion” is nothing more then air and water vapor escaping into the low pressure of the upper atmosphere, creating a “cloud”.

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