REAL Pictures of Paladian alien & craft, ufo, time travel, US military presence on mars & more .mpg

Military have a space station orbiting Mars. Earth once had 2 moons. There was in fact a civilisation on Mars, Insects evolved from plants, aliens do exist a…
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More at: 1st Part of the Famous Giant UFO Mothership Sighting in Y…
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31 thoughts on “REAL Pictures of Paladian alien & craft, ufo, time travel, US military presence on mars & more .mpg”

  1. The plant he shows at the end ties directly into what’s described in the book Amarant by Una Woodruff. I highly recommend it, it was a huge confirmation for me after having seen this video years earlier.

  2. yeah i was looking at these pics a few years ago then went to find them and the channel had been removed! took ages and just by luck found someone else had uploaded them on another channel,re-upload them if you can sometime in the future.i have seen one of the covert governments off-world black triangles up close,less than 4000 feet so i know all this business is true

  3. It isn`t a bird man, it is a pterosauriër. !!

    But thanks for the upload, i have saved it before somebody removes it.

  4. the government will say it is a weather balloon in swamp gas and everyone is having a mass halucination

  5. Not written , but told stories around campfires. LLet’s do this. Gather 20 people together and put them in a circle around a campfire. Tell the first a single sentence and then have that person whisper it to the next then around it goes, one by one till it comes full circle. By the time it goes completely around the sentence has changed completely. So too are “Oral” stories changed in each telling. Imagine a story told then repeated. It will not be verbatim even after a single telling then1000?

  6. 5:45.. oh wait someone already said it, lol. You have to be BLIND not to know exactly what this guy looks like, hahahahaha. Can you imagine watching that in a Yukon bar? “Hey, is that Ted?!”

  7. Yeah, the mother ship is probably really sweet and caring and just wants a call from time to time to see how you are doing because she misses you.

  8. Aptn is not a low budget network twizz420 you idiot it’s a native station in Canada it’s known world wide get your facts straight before tryna no shit ahahahah

  9. Just saying, you can’t expect them to be censoring stuff like CNN since this story is 7 years old and also was put out by an extremely low budget network in the first place.

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