Real Aliens Caught On Film?

Real Aliens Caught On Film?

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This is not my video…. footage of 2 military men who knows the truth about Aliens. I’m glad they spoke up.
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49 thoughts on “Real Aliens Caught On Film?”

  1. ok…

    we should not afraid of thembecause there r millions of life in the universe.some NEGATIVE ,some positve

  2. Pope John XXIII prophecies say close to the end…”Always more numerous the signs. The lights in the sky will be red, blue and green, speedy. They grow. Someone comes from far, desire to encounter the man of Earth. Encounters occurred already. But who saw truly not spoke”

  3. They’re sex freaks, I swear the first Alien female that we have contact with (and maybe a quicky) will become a pornstar.

  4. think of it this way. if they are superior to us (in intelligence and logic) then they might have reasoned that they do not need clothing and have abandoned it entirely. such as differences mean little to them

  5. Damn. You said that really fucking well. Well done. Yes, not all aliens may be humanoid and bipedal with large slant eyes and an enlarged dome, but the evidence suggests that there are those of these types present and have been in the past. And will be in the future, too.

  6. First: *Were

    Second: We DO know there are aliens. But the government has control over all the space probes, telescopes, etc. They show us what they want, and keep the rest to themselves. Of course on this video, it is evident that some of the photos are fake. But aliens are still real.

  7. I agree with you. There are no aliens out there….but I do believe there are other life forms out there. My logic behind that is that there are many Suns out there, so there might be other planets near those Suns, and one those planets could be like Earth. And I don’t call those unknown life forms aliens because, honestly, If those life forms knew about us, they would call us aliens, and I don’t want to be known as an alien, so they probably don’t want to either.

    Done and done.

  8. What is UNREAL,
    is that our Gov’t has deceived us,
    and should be replaced with people, who have the calling to Serve the people !!
    We need to clean house !
    ALL OF THEM MUST GO, while we get
    Real Patriots and representatives,
    who honor the constitution, and represent the people.
    How many lies, and misinformation propaganda,must we endure, before we take our country back !
    They have dishonored the fallen, who believed, & served, and gave the ultimate sacrafice, for the sake of honor

  9. Search Aleister Crowley alien drawing on Google Images & notice how he draws what looks like a Grey “species” alien or what ppl today claim what an alien looks like.Now look up Crowley on Wikipedia & see how he writes about talking to “aliens” or demons.Crowley was a satanist & also mentions them as extra dimensional or multi dimensional as the guy in the video puts it.

  10. Aliens probable do exist…the size of the universe is crazy, so big we don’t know if it ends or not. NASA has discovered a few hundred planets that could support life forms, maybe not green 3 eyed tentacle things that have flying saucers and want to cut out our brains, but more like…sludge, that could evolve, like we have today. Oh and Mars did actually support life much like earth, thats one for the book :p

  11. To all those who think that aliens are real, you are complete fucking morons. Please, if you want to believe that aliens are real, go shove a big fat alien dick up your ass. These ‘soldiers’ think they saw a UFO, but I think they were just trippin’ on that US army pot they get, and they need to get their brains sorted out quickly, before they go hallucinating things like planes crashing into the international trade centre (which was an inside job).

    Peace out, dope video bro, don’t make more.

  12. I believe in ghosts, aliens, demons and God.Now what more weird things do I need to believe in? Bible as distraction? I don’t understand you. I can have the bible while I am still not distracted to believe in aliens and having the bible is a good thing, you can learn what true love is.

  13. Continued— Next morning my whole family researched on the area, then my mother found an article 5days later saying how 18 people around my city saw a disk with bright lights around it, I still doubt what I saw because it was the stereotypical UFO, it might not be aliens, but who knows for sure?

  14. I saw a UFO about 5months ago, I was with my 3 older brothers in the garden (countryside) at 3AM when one of the pointed at a disk shaped object with lights around it, I didn’t bother recording it because I knew it would be called “fake”, we told only our parents.

  15. I agree, we don’t even know how to take care of our home (Earth). If I were Aliens I would stay far away from us for now. We aren’t connected to nature anymore, thats why we destroy and waste things so easily. We really don’t know what we are doing, and when we find out it will be to late.

  16. MANY REAL people report that Aliens have come to abduct them but looked shocked and run away if you mention the name of Jesus Christ! Jesus IS God.

  17. It would just make peeps more suspicious that it was real if it were taken down.
    No, the Feds r smarter than that. They could instead be inserting lots of comments here to make peeps think it’s not real, if they’re bothered. After all, even if all 30,000 viewers believed it, could they change the world? (Well, maybe, actually, maybe)

  18. @Mylittlelamb9 what does that have to do with people having a right to rrligion? people have a right to the truth.

  19. yes…they are real…they are the fallen angels God kicked out of heaven. its in the Bible. they are not your friends!!!

  20. @mortisha11 a Christian and I know they are real. they are the fallen angels God kicked out of heaven with satan for rebellion. do not follow them!!! they eill come to deceive you. they want you to yo to hrll with them!!

  21. Reading all the posts about this video one can see that Human thought is so limiting. No wonder there are so many Wars on this planet, and it’s obvious that we are not ready for the truth.

  22. religious folk couldn’t cope with beings higher than them out there! they like being sheep and slaves!

  23. Doesnt anybody get it? Aliens often look upon our planet because we’re the only known life form that wages war against each other for no reason, animals don’t do it. Humans kill fight and cause nothing but problems for small or no reasons. And aliens are only looking upon us to see whether the human race would survive before all this war and hatred would take over us and wipe us all out.

  24. Aliens are real for a fact. Think about it, the universe contains billions upon billions of planets and where the only one with life on it? It’s extremly ignorant to say there is not any life out there. Also, if you look up Gilese 581, there is a planet the same distants away from the sun as us. The sun is also very similar to ours. Aliens are real for a fact…question is have they actually visited us? I don’t think so.

  25. Theres a reason the government doesn’t admit to aliens. People have the right to religion and for any government to come out and say that aliens are real would be wrong, and they know this.

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