Purple Alien Eggs Found In Arizona Desert? 2013 HQ

It was a normal Sunday in Vail for Geradine Vargas. Normal, until she and her husband stumbled upon something kind of weird. “We were taking photos around the area and we just…I mean, how could you miss this?” Geradine said. “It was just like glittering in the sun.” Thousands of tiny, purple-hued spheres piled in the middle of no where. “It’s just one of those things that you’ve never seen before.” They were watery, some where translucent, and the pile was completely isolated. Gerardine was amazed, and she wanted answers. “We did email a friend of ours who’s a zoologist, but she didn’t know…i mean, she didn’t seem to recognize what it was.” So, she sent KGUN-9 pictures of the spheres, hoping we could find some answers. We checked out the mysterious spheres for ourselves today, and they were still there. They’re like gooey marbles that ooze out a water substance when we squish them. They roll, they shine, and they’re out of this world. Geradine was dying to know what they were, and so were we. We spoke to Darlene Buhrow, director of marketing at Tucson Botanical Gardens, who’s husband is a botanist. He said if these are something naturally occurring, they could be a slime mold or jelly fungus. ADG Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow ADG on Twitter: twitter.com
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24 thoughts on “Purple Alien Eggs Found In Arizona Desert? 2013 HQ”

  1. It’s them things my Neice’s have. They start as tiny hard balls. Just add water and 2 days later,, Bang! You have hundreds of tiny water filled balls.. O and if ya want ,just add food color of ur preference and as much as ur little hearts desire ..

  2. Simply picking a few of them up and taking them for analysis would have answered any questions. Why was this not done? There are many man made things that would look and act similar but we will never know for certain without a sample.


  4. shame on our Mexicans half USA mentality that why they acct so stupid!! white mentality so stupid but funny they r so stupid that they call USA a continent America’ America is so huge Latino America for example!!

  5. Jesus christ, mexicans are so stupid. Those are not fucking alien eggs, those are those balls that grow with water, some kid prob dropped them or something like that not fucking alien eggs

  6. where are ‘the thumbs up/down’ to the comments???
    oh! and about the purple  ‘petit balls’? – cute color!

  7. These may be “Orbeez” which are polymer beads that absorb water and swell to as much as 100 – 300X their original size. Perhaps someone used them in their porta-john or RV toilet and dumped them there in the desert. They seem to be in a circle like they were dumped there. Two questions:
    1. Why hasn’t anyone taken a sample and done a test on them?
    2. If they are Orbeez, they should be losing their water to evaporation and shrinking noticeably exposed there in the desert. If not….??

  8. Not hardly. Water beads are glass and shaped like pebbles. These appear to be spherical like a bubble and wet and slimy.

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