8 thoughts on “Pt 3 The real story behind Aliens, Ufos, Demons, Illuminati”

  1. Alex. Did you know Jesus never egzistit there never was a cruseafixtion in Rome. And if you don’t believed. Go to Rom and look for there historical records you will find no recorded of. Jesus being crusade. Be cause it never happened. Now there’s a conspiracy .why wear we lied to and misled to believed in Jesus when in fact he never egzistit.

  2. It was herd for Victor to watch it, therefore he WAS there, and either had to watch or even kill the poor thing.

  3. Why would they need all these makeup/artists and costume designers (It says they have them in credits) if this was real? I have seen make up directors Costume designers Props stage and plus all the people in the video have different names than what they did in the actual video I DECLARE DIS IS FAKE!!

  4. Poor thing, He’s sitting there with no hope while their poking at him I beileve that Aliens are friendly not evil if they were evil don’t you think they would have done something bad by now?

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