24 thoughts on “October 13, 2010 New York City UFO Sighting – Compilation of ABC News, CBS News, RT News”

  1. zowaar ,vs jullie regeringen en presidenten laten toe op burgers dat de ufowezens inwendigonderzoek mogen doen pak ze op en in het gevang zowaar samen

  2. Please look at & comment on my VIDEO titled “Strange unidentifiable Animal with possible Alien UFO craft above it” etc..I have close up pictures of an animal on the road from my encounter. Zoologists cannot identify what type of animal it is! All evidence of what occurred vanished 10 hours after it occurred! There is a circular pattern on the road below the animal. Police were on scene but have no record of the occurrence! Many more recent ALIEN-UFO videos! See my videos and Subscribe! Thanks

  3. omg i was looking for this win i was see it in 2010 it was in va ppl was like shut up win i was talling ppl to and now i see this video the dom ufo was going crazy lol i wood like to see it 1 more time in va it will be cool juse wish thay can com up to us and say what up lol

  4. ALIENS are DEMONS !! Read the truth in Google with these words

    “truth about aliens ufos demons and new age”

  5. shut up people it is a ufo if it is a ballon it not show no more and a hot air ballon could not go up there and it not a bird

  6. there wouldent be hotair ballons and my freind went their on that day and saw it he has a camera that zooms far in and he showed m it was pirrty interesting

  7. i saw the same shit in el paso texas 7 weeks ago but the lights were changing colors like 5 of them

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