13 thoughts on “Obama ET UFO Disclosure announcement 2011”

  1. obomunnists are a joke-especially the ones who said that their “barry” or what it says on his birth certificate will reveal the truth (or even at least offer to rescind national security restrictions against government employees testifying on ufo/et sightings.

  2. Who are they kidding Obama already went public denying Ufo or Alien contact The shadow government either is stopping disclosure and controlling the information or all the government officials don’t care. The country is already going to hell and is going to collapse. The technology we need to stop it has been invented but military is hording it. I believe in this country I also believe in humanity I don’t think anybody really wants to destroy all

  3. Disclosure is happening soon! It’s already begun! The mexican governmant has admitted they are real, Not directly but they said they are real. I believe with in the next 1 or 2 years we will learn the truth about world outside of earth and we will be restored to how we should be, Wars will end and the world will be a peaceful please…..Hopefully. I would love for them to help us get back on track.

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