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Three Human-Like Figures on Mars, One Giant Reptilian Head With Crown & Three Carved Faces In Side of Mountain.
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Image by DragonRal
By Scott C. Waring (Author of UFO Sightings of 2006-2009 & Dragons of Asgard).


In this photo find 4 large faces of aliens and FAMOUS WOMAN FIGURE as seen on BBC & CNN news.

On January 3, 2008, NASA posted a photograph on their web site that bloggers around the world began scanning over carefully in order to catch anything that NASA may have accidentally let slip through. To everyone’s amazement some anonymous person in Asia did and posted it on the Internet causing widespread excitement over the possibilities of life existing on Mars. This led me to new discoveries of a male and a possible child figure near the female figure. I also found a statue like face (head only), in high detail of a reptilian looking skyward and wearing a crown with a jewel in it (I named it Waring 1). I found a three carved faces in the side of the mountain of three unknown species, which can only be compared to Mt. Rushmore (I named it Waring 2).
When I found the NASA photograph at I was amazed at the quality. The figures themselves were in the far left side center of the photo. I realized NASA labeled it ‘False Color’ so I decided to change the color back to its original state to see what NASA was hiding. When I used auto balance for color adjustment from Photoshop, the colors changed slightly. The color of the tunic like cloths turned from brown to a dark olive green, the faces from brown to pinkish. I say faces because although news reports only one figure in the photo, there are actually two or possibly a third (that of a child). That’s right, there is a second figure lying on the ground very close to the first figure. That’s a little tidbit that you wont hear from news agencies around the world, but if you look at the original NASA photograph, you will see the first figure is actually looking down from the rock its sitting on, as it seems to glare at the second figure lying on the ground. When looking at the original photo, I was surprised that news agencies laughed and joked about the figure. The skeptics blew off this photo as wind shaped rock mixed with the vivid imaginations of the public. Perhaps that caused less people to actually look into the photograph itself for fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed in front of the scientific community. That is called disinformation, when the governments release (using media as their proxy) wrong information to counter the real UFO information in order to confuse the facts.

I took the original photograph and enlarged it several times using Windows Picture and Fax viewer. Then I began scanning over it carefully trying to find other figures…success and I found it so close to the first figure that it could not possibly be a coincidence. It was just a few steps in front of the first figure.

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