50 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO of UFOs Over NYC 10/13/10 from airplane window – Stunning 100% UFO proof.”

  1. ive seen something literly similar to this. i was in the car and i looked out the window in the sky (i was a kid at the time so my parents were driving) and i saw like blinking lights JUST like this and they were going in like a figure 8 type shape my parents diffident believe me ..until we got raped by´╗┐ aliens..(after the .. it was a joke ­čśŤ but before that it was real)

  2. And your plane probably didn’t fly through that smaller airport’s airspace, and you were most likely being controlled by a major center around there(I believe NYC has´╗┐ a center)as an overflight, therefore your pilot most likely was unaware of any traffic below as it was not a factor for the typical commercial airliner at flight level 280+

  3. To me it looks like a decent sized landing strip.The flashing lights could be the tower controllers testing to see if the PAPI’s(precision approach path indicators)work at each end of the runway,and the disc coming out of the clouds could be a helicopter measuring the cloud ceiling altitude up through where the clouds stop to relay that info back to the tower, especially in a rapidly changing weather area it is not´╗┐ uncommon to get frequent ceiling measurements.

  4. Also Other countries like Mexico,Russia,Canada,China,Brasil,Australia Belgium Hungary Romania had already did their discloser and admitted to their citizens that they are investigating the UFO Phenomena and they confirmed it that some of the sightings are not´╗┐ any of the usual excuses we hear and they cannot explain their origin.So basically the’re one step from saying the UFOs are Extraterrestrials,These countries regularly show UFO related Newscasts on their major Media Networks Cheers

  5. That alien´╗┐ needs to get out more often and work on his social skills.Then maybe he wouldn’t be so shy?..lol..:o)

  6. or hey MABEY aliens didnt evolve technologically EXACTLY like us and NEVER invented RADIOS….its so stupid to think that we should send out radio signals asuming that they even know what that is…mabey they just´╗┐ use antenas like ants???

  7. There are aliens, we have already contacted them and met with them, WE´╗┐ as normal people just arent allowed to talk to them …unfortunately

  8. It’s R2-D2’s periscope from The Empire Strikes Back after´╗┐ he falls into the swamp. I recognized it in the second slow-mo.

  9. It was a ‘mystery’ for all that time….? I would have gone home, got my telescope and had a proper close up look at it during that sort of time frame……sheesh! What a load´╗┐ of BS to make news about!

  10. Ufo exist now a days. It should be change into´╗┐ IFO which it stands for identified flying object lol! But i think this footage is not a UFO but its a balloon or something. ­čÖé

  11. With today’s high technology,UFO is just good for debate.it is´╗┐ impossible for a flying object to remain UFO.

  12. It’s fake and that’s why there’s a newsman on scene. If its real like roswell, you know what will happen-no news´╗┐ telecast

  13. People are retarded, its a balloon look at it? 5 black dudes thought it would be great to start a huge notoriety scam.´╗┐ The black thing jumping around in the beggining set it up

  14. muestra mas el puti ovni,´╗┐ que la puti gente que habla pendejadas la concha de la lora gramatical

  15. Shoot it down! Why waste good missles! My video begins with actual footage of a real U.F.O. My videos are not for the mainstream public! Normal folks “need not apply!” All of you A.B. Normal, strange weirdos will feel right´╗┐ at home here! Only a few individuals have deciphered the real meaning and warning hidden´╗┐ in the subliminal message. The Glirkazoids want you to trust them. They want you to come to accept them! They want to serve mankind!

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