24 thoughts on “NASA’s Anomalies above the Moon – UFOs captured on film during the Apollo Program”

  1. Sniffffff the bullshit ! lol there a re thousands of satellites orbiting earth and space junk rocks etc drifting on space …must be spaceships full of Aliens …also never in focus either, always blurred.. ha ha what dribble, but hey nice pics…next clear night ill target the moon with my scope and update you on the latest martian news…

  2. I hope everybody knows that the Apollo moon missions were faked in a studio. Here’s a link to some of the proof.
    spurstalk (dot) com/forums/showthread (dot) php?t=144487

  3. image or video editing wasn’t even known in the i.t. sector back then when nasa converted the raw pics and vids to upload them on their internet archive. photoshop became employed only in the late 1990s.

  4. Your channel sucks, you see a rock and you believe it’s a space craft. I can show you rocks that look more like alien space crafts on Earth then you do on Mars.

  5. Well some people are convinced of NASA photoshopping every other picture to remove all the rocks with the slightest bit of structure, hahaha.

  6. 0 is the answer to that question. why would there be golf balls orbiting the moon? if u are referring to the golf balls the astronauts wacked on the moon, u are mistaken my friend. the gravity on the moon is 6 times less than earth’s gravity. therefore the ball would travel 6 times farther on the moon, than it would on earth. the balls would not go up into orbit around the moon. eventually they would fall back down to the surface. just like they would on earth. what goes up, must come down.

  7. Watch from 5:05 and tell me that isn’t butthead saying “Oh Yeah?”

    In case anyone here is wondering just who Butthead is, search for Beavis and Butthead on youtube, plenty of clips to be seen, probably the best adult carton ever made.

  8. nasa’s method of collecting pictures is raw data image composed of pixel values and its hsl parameters. a typical single hi-res lunar image (of a lunar area .5km x .5km) would be of the order of 250mb or so.

    to crunch this high a number nasa employs supercomputers. the images are not edited in any manner, only touched up in its hsl and/or converted to internet uploadable image form. that job don’t need no photoshop!

  9. love your vids, would you please check out my vid of the face on a giant statue on Reiner Gamma on the surface on the moon!!

  10. What are the songs playing during the video? I recognize only the first one – Massive Attack – Angel, but rest are mystery to me, please disclose them ^_^ cause they were really nice 🙂

  11. I do not belong to the deceitful lying and manipulative human species. They make me sad about myself if I did belong to the scum of the earth. Unfortunatly I´m captured in their sytem and I rather be dead.

  12. If you don’t want to recieve comments, don’t post one in the first place.

    About the video, I guess some of these objects are either dust, debris or else. If those things were really UFO, those pictures wouldn’t even exist, cause the crew and ship would have been wiped from existance.

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