25 thoughts on “Mayan UFO Alien Connection (UFOs, Sightings, Ancient Mayans) Must See!”

  1. Fucking wow i was a big believer before i saw this they are real or how would they carve those pics ? U cant tell me a mayan would imagine anything looking like that without having seen it personally im gobsmacked !!!!!!!!! Amazing

  2. I stopped watching when he said, “You know, you really shouldn’t be recording this.” No explanation was given as to why the fellow shouldn’t be recording the lecture or the material on display….just he shouldn’t be recording. One thing comes to mind here. Money making opportunity for the maker or this documentary. If true, something so profound shouldn’t be limited to one person’s ability to turn a profit from.

  3. It’s amazing how ignorant and hard-headed people can be. All the evidence is there and has been there for thousands or perhaps millions of years. Honestly that’s why the ancients left us with all these artifacts with significant descriptions on it. It’s up to us to decide what’s real and what’s not. But big bro just gets in the way of that…

  4. I believe tht the myan made tht drawing to let us kno wat is out there, nd tht they saw aliens or other life forms tht came there

  5. good job Jason, i like this and the music is great but i still like the Ashi “Ancient ritual” in the other video. so my question, do you know if there is a documentory in the making regards these artifacts- and what is your interpretation of the Maya artifacts?

  6. its not fake.. its that everyone is too stupid that they think its some “countdown to end of the world” but its not.

  7. Hi! I came back on the 22nd of December to tell you you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist who needs a life! Because you obviously fail pretty hard currently.

  8. Go ahead with your evil remarkes God will take care of you! If you don’t accept other races why should God accept YOU! LOL

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