25 thoughts on “Mars’ Mysterious Crawling Rocks, a UFO, and Four Other Intriguing Anomalies”

  1. Los desaguaderos de algo que no realmente debería ser aceite.u petroleo.Seria muy raro…ya que en marte nunca pudo haber tenido una biomasa vegetal tropical y pantanosa.., que perdurara lo suficiente, bajo una atmósfera mas pesada, que mantuviera la humedad y altas temperaturas por millones de años, y de cuya putrefacción de las hojas y tallos, y raíces,,se transformara el carbono residual de las plantas,, en petroleo.. lo demás son muy interesantes…pero mejor no opinar.

  2. Muy buenas fotos, si son totalmente sin manipular, a):deberíamos descartar las distorsión natural del lente, y las condiciones micro-atmosféricas que rodean las tomas.2) descubrimiento 1, “crawling rocks”. Interesantisimas…sin comentarios.. b) Ufo. ; el plano horizontal, y vertical , me parecen restos de un desahogadero gaseoso.con alguna neblina de baja altura. .

  3. OK, if you look somewhat north of you location, at
    N81D 56M 58.99S, W131D 10M 27.28S there is a much better resolution portion of an image. Your image appears to show objects resting at the ends of trails. In the other site it is clear the trails are concave and so are the ends. What I believe you have is an image that includes the trails (concave) AND sublimating(2) objects (convex) that made them, possibly dirty CO2 or water ice. Likely CO2.

  4. I can’t make out the coordinates for the “Crawling Rocks.” Could you please post them? The best explanation is indeed a phenomena like that at Race Track Playa in Death Valley. The real interesting element would be if the tracks really are convex and without examining the lighting on surrounding topography, that is a guess at best and stereo image inversion is also a possiblility.

  5. No, whether you open Google Earth and access the Earth, Sky, Mar, or Moon modes the Google Earth logo is the only logo you’ll see in the bottom right corner of your screen.

    Nothing in this video is a hoax. Coordinates are given (or shown at the bottom of the screen) for each anomaly shown so you can check the validity for yourself.

  6. Isn’t the logo on the bottom right supposed to read “Google mars” instead of “Google earth” lol. What a hoax.

  7. It’s blurry to prevent you from seeing what’s there, of course! Just like those blurry pictures that Voyagers are sending from the edge of the solar system. They don’t want us to see the alien ships approaching Earth!

  8. The UFO at 79°52’2.99″N 166°50’48.85″W is over 3 miles long. Could it be just a crater? It’s too blurry to tell, which makes me wonder: What is the point, the scientific value, of including such poor quality images into a map like this, unless it is to obscure what is really there?

  9. their not crawling.. their migrating and you disturbed them by clicking on them.. leave the peaceful creatures be..

  10. I personally think that mars has breathable oxygen on the whole planet and that nasa or whoever is just lying to us about it and there is most likely life on mars besides microscopic organisms and the mars rover is probably looking for a suitable place to build a base

  11. thanks for mentioning this. I’d seen stories about the Death Valley rocks some time ago and forgot about it. There is, however, a difference between the “crawling rocks” on Mars and the ones in Death Valley; the ones on Mars leave a convex trail while the ones in Death Valley leave concave trails. But, yes, water, even wind, might have caused the Mars rock trails.

  12. the “cattle” look like lumps on the ground, each with very similar cut in them. Like perhaps these are blobs that have these similar shape “cuts” as mouths, or they open and out comes something, either this is an animal who makes a home like this, not unlike some sea creatures, or these are flying saucer silos. I wonder how many Martian animals are CARNIVOROUS?

  13. a herd of things that travel partly under the sand, like any herd tending in the same direction, but notice the irregularities in the trails, what you would expect of individuals in a group, minor variations, the overall trend is ahead with the group.

  14. Theres a place in death valley that has similar “crawling rocks” google it, it has ben explained and proven what it is that causes it. Thing is it involves water.

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