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Day 17: 16500km around Australia road test
Sam Hall. Big rocks and aliens headlined our latest day in the Australian outback. … The town, which consists of a sun-drenched van park and adjoining petrol station, is regarded as the UFO capital of Australia, with the fifth most recorded sightings …
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METI: Should We Be Shouting At The Cosmos?
Along the way, SETI workers have understandably taken pains to distance themselves from other notions that have resonance in popular culture, like UFOs. As scientists, they do not want to be mistaken for fervent believers in slippery alien visitors …
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NASA Confirmed Alien Invasion?
Hellyer has been publicly affirmed about extraterrestrials and UFOs since 2005. He told Ottawa Citizen in February 2007 that alien technology obtained during supposed UFO crashes like the Roswell, New Mexico mysterious incident in 1947, provides us …
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