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'Invisible UFOs' Fill the Skies
"Why are all the good UFOs invisible?" one user asked in response to the latest "invisible UFO" report posted to the site. You might have thought a defining characteristic of a UFO would be visibility. But thanks to zealous alien hunters …

ARIRA radio kicks off second season of paranormal programming
ARIRA radio kicks off second season of paranormal programming. aliens & ufos; July 16, 2012; By: Roger Marsh · Tweet · 0 Email … Lang has been a UFO investigator for more than a decade but is best known as manager of the Mutual UFO Network's (MUFON …

Siblings Spot UFO Twice in Two Years!
Two Illinois siblings who share a 2011 UFO experience were excited July 15, 2012, when a "dark gray, disc or saucer-shaped object" with a bright,… Downloading the … TJ of Ascension Age of Andromeda ~ Alien ET UFO Community. We are all senders and …
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