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UFO Expert Neil H. Brandt Produces New Thought Provoking Video About the
8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — View 'UFO's Create Lenticular Clouds' on Neil's YouTube channel on The Messiah Network. Listen to Neil's original 'catchy' song 'Kapow', written to express the insights received from 'On High'. Lenticular is Latin for 'lens' and …
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Taj Mahal UFO video detracts from Indian army UFO sightings
The Inquisitr published a story titled “UFOs Over The Taj Mahal Next? Indian Army Reports Sightings” on Sunday, August 18. This story includes a video showing an unidentified aerial object in the sky near the Taj Mahal. MSN suggests the object in this …
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Central Park NYC Perfect for UFOs and Crop Circles
Crop Circles in NYC's Central Park's Great Lawn? UFOs over Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir? Should we call the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or perhaps…The Avengers? No need, New York's own Ghost Doctors are on the job with their out of this …
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