25 thoughts on “GIANT UFO Alien Spacecraft Around The Sun, June 23, 2013 HD 1080p”

  1. how can they get that close to the sun without dying or being melted into nothing that sun is so fuckin hot!!!!!!!!!!

  2. as with many things in the vernacular, meanings change. UFO has become synonymous with alien spacecraft. Although UFO still does carry its original meaning as well.

  3. Looks like this person edited out the Huge UFO. It probably didn’t belong to them, (copyright infringement). I’ll see if I can find it on my channel. If you want to check it would be under, Nasa/Space stuff. It’s one where the sun is colored green.

  4. Yes, I have a photo of it. This one is the only one I’ve ever seen other than our photo, I freaked when I saw this video recently.
    My husband works the Alaskan Pipeline north of Atigun Pass. The object shows above the Northern Lights, as do the stars, the photo was not fixed. There’s a smaller object on the left edge of the pic, almost parallel to the larger one, but with no lights. Like it’s in the shadows.

  5. I’m not joking, not at all. Go to my Far North Weaver google profile, I posted the picture there with an explanation. I don’t normally tell people to go to my profile. I’m not kidding, I sort of freaked when I saw the object on this video.
    In the photo, the object shows on the space side of the Northern Lights, so it would have to be up in the Thermosphere, about 80 miles up. We’re Alaskans, we watch the sky a LOT…lol

  6. no……i beleive I saw it…..on you tube….but I also think it created…or taken out of context especially that floating tin can….lol lol lol lol lol good thing aerodynamics arent important in space lol lol lol Im surprised a shoe didnt go by since so many launched up to telphone wires youd figure some must have escaped the atmosphere and headed towards the sun…lol lol

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    BTW Nibiru is red, not white. The ‘second sun’ is supernatural phenomena originating from a higher dimension. That is why it moves around and is not always visible. It is not a planet. And yes, some captures are lens flare, but not all of them are.

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  8. I can confirm that object with a photograph taken about 3 years ago just north of Atigun Pass in the Brookes Range of northern Alaska.
    I saw this video recently and couldn’t believe it. I dug it out of my personal photo’s and posted it on my Far North Weaver google plus profile (farnorthweaver). It’s public if you want to look it. Look to the left at the edge of the photo, in the shadows, there’s something else too.

  9. A planet thousands of times larger than the Earth would have gravity so strong that nothing could live on it.

    In fact, it seems that once you get a planet only 50 times the volume of the Earth (like Neptune) then it’s a gas giant.

    There is an optimum size for intelligence (within a factor of 5) and, bacteria don’t send out intelligent & complex electromagnetic signals (like we do, but we haven’t found anyone else’s yet).

    Bacteria can’t intentionally leave Earth, but we do.

    1,000s times LOL

  10. You talk as if aliens are more larger and more massive than us but have you ever imagined extraterrestrial civilizations as small as ants living on a single planet hundred thousand times greater than ours? Imagine what these microscopic aliens could fly as space-ships. Aliens in a microscopic body conducting machines hundred thousand times larger than our Earth. You seem to lack imagination my friend! 😉 Stop treating people like idiot! 😉

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