23 thoughts on “Ghosts, Demons, Aliens/UFOs Documentary – A closer look at the phenomena PART 1”

  1. You are an idiot buddy, Illusion? Define Illusion. This is a live audience, no CGI, tell me where the Illusion is behind levitating objects? Where is the illusion in the hautings? Where is the Illusion in millions of people saying they have seen non human entities?

    I can’t stand dumb people like you. This must be the first time you actually are presented with deep occult knowledge and you can’t process it. Too bad. Move along, and watch some pewdiepie clips.

  2. Here’s why, magicians always talk about “the secrets of magic”, and if you simply google” how to become a magician” and if you dig deep, there will always be some kind of guide on waiting for some kind of energy or “spirit” to come reveal it self to you. I saw a guide that urged you to wait for the spirit of “light” to make its presence known, that you should not give up if it does not happen right away.

    When you finally make a deal with them, you are demon property, and they can use you.

  3. One would have to be stupid to not be able to conclude what they are after all this evidence.

    Are you saying aliens are pretending to be ghosts and demons?
    Are you saying ghosts are pretending to be aliens and demons?
    Are you saying some interdimensional entities, are pretending to be demons, ghosts and aliens?

  4. I agree, if they do paralyse you it’s only because of the fear within our mind, it’s not really their power doing it but the fear stopping us in place. If we’re strong willed then they can’t do much of anything.

  5. Dislike. Not for the clips, but for the “I know for a fact what these things are” attitude from the commentator.

  6. Xendrius, please answer this question. So, when magicians levitate for real, do demons help them do it?

  7. No it’s not wrong. Some people are just scared of any kind of unknown and will say anything to rationalize it to themselves. For instance, “magic tricks are actually demonic trickery” how ridiculous is that.

  8. Whoever is writing the quotes at the bottom is a fucking retard. Don’t act like you know any of this for a fact. He actually says magic tricks are done by demons hahahaha. It’s called an illusion. I can’t stand people like this.

  9. I came to the conclusion, these spirits can’t be that bad. Why else would they be in show business? David Copperfield and Criss Angel bring so much joy to millions. In all seriousness, little kids and their parents buy a ticket and leave with a smile on their faces wondering how they did what they did. Is that wrong?

  10. God has sent a NEW MESSAGE to humanity to warn & prepare us for the ET presence in our world.
    They use mindpowers & technology to gain access here & seek to take over our world.
    This is their hidden goal.

  11. Can’t wait, so we can assume there may be a part 3? 😉
    I must say, you did a very good job on this one. Keep it up man.

  12. The power of Christ repels you! The power of Christ repels you! lol
    It worked in the movie the exorcist

  13. … that king Solomon from the Bible was also able to control demonic spirits. The difference was that HE exploited THEM to make good things for his Kingdom, where all those magicians are being used by those entities. They are making huge money off of those shows and even lying to the audience, keeping them in the dark of the real nature of those beings. They are preparing us for the acceptance of the new coming one-world-religion, which will essentially be occult spiritism. God bless you!

  14. Glad to see you back Xendrius! Thanks for the nice presentation. Doing reesearch myself on this subject, all this doesn’t suprise me at all. Remember, a good magician mixes real “magik” with acual physical tricks. The two twins that alegedly foretold 911 is just logical, because the highest in the government who actually planned the 911 attacks, are in constant contact with those entities trough their rituals they are doing behindclosed doors. What came up to my mind is,….

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