Extraterrestrial UFOs are real : Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO admits on his deathbed

Ben Rich, the “Father of the Stealth Fighter-Bomber” and former head of Lockheed Skunk Works,had once let out information about Extraterrestrial UFO Visitors…

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48 thoughts on “Extraterrestrial UFOs are real : Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO admits on his deathbed”

  1. Oh man you got to love the video books. ahhaha I’m really sick of em… start talking or just quit.. damn people re uploading someone else’s work to gain what money? get a better job would ya!
    I’m thumbing this down. I’ve heard it. like many many many others have. write a book put some pictures in it and wow, you have the same thing as this video.

  2. there is no proof for your type, you live in 3 dimensions going on 2, the world went from flat to round, when we die we just die, we are the only living things on the milky way and the universe, our government is here to protect us from all evil and harms way, if there was anything out there at least you would of saw it right? too many crazy people now days hu? i wish our government would protect you from exposure to them too haha

  3. Everyone can call this crazy but it’s not hard to believe. I don’t believe it but I don’t doubt it. Looking at the world we live in now. The world is not prepared for the secrets that could of been discovered by classified governments. Remember how bad World War 2 was? Atomic bomb, about 80 million dead, and the 2 sides in the end. Well after that the US just wen’t insane because of it and what benefited was the fact that an open conflict with the Soviets could end the world in minutes.

  4. Don’t know about you, be a skeptic all you like if that makes you sleep easier, but I’ll take the word of these top guys such as Corso over the fraudulent crooks – politicians – we have running our world today.

  5. in particular his Magnetic Beam Amplification patent, there is also a newer patent that reference’s this patent as being the basis of an Electromagnetic Propulsion Device. Also consider, these are just Bushman’s “unclassified” patents, all of which are filed by Lockheed Martin. Bushman also invented the stinger missile, you can see a series of videos with him on my youtube channel, one of which is a demonstration of Lorenz Levitation. peace.

  6. I know what you mean, you create a jet turbine VTOL WITH VECTORED THRUST, and secondary thrust or drives to make a supersonic flying saucer and you stole it from the aliens, even a new physics theory will be ‘stolen’ from aliens. Slowing down in a moving matter field rather than increasing in velocity by offsetting mass with electric charge no one before has thought about, has to be from aliens, because we are not smart enough to do it ourselves, more so if its many times faster than light 😉

  7. I always find it interesting that people who make accusations about alien technology usually have little to no research or engineering background. I’m sure people here just think I’m part of some government cover up or something, but I can’t sway their mind. All I can say is all the more reason engineers get no credit as usual. lol.

  8. Yes, NASA say there could be 4,000 billion Earth-like planets out there in the observable universe, now that’s more than a few places we could go to, or for anyone else to come from, well gravity permitting that is.

  9. Scientific estimate of number of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy- 100-400 billion
    Estimate of number of galaxies in the universe
    100-500 billion.
    Therefore the universe could theoretically have (4*10^11)*(5*10^11)=2*10^23 planets at the highest estimate. 2 with 23 zeros. Think about that. 1 one of those planets has to have life besides us.

  10. I do believe that aliens exist though-it is statistically impossible for aliens NOT to exist. The Milky Way galaxy alone has 100 billion stars at least, each with each at least one planet of its own. And there are billions of galaxies, so there are likely to be more than a billion billion (10^18) planets in the universe. For aliens to not only exist, but exist on an abundance of planets is therefore highly probable. The Drake Equation covers this subject nicely.

  11. 1+1 does not always equal two?
    You people should listen to yourselves, you sound out of touch with reality and fucking crazy.
    Things beyond our wildest dreams can happen with science (warp drives, nuclear fusion, superhuman AI) but stay within the realm of science and this voodoo magical hocus pocus bullshit that dilutes reality of any sense whatsoever.

  12. Contd…One more thing, your right about technology and people claiming aliens give it to us which they don’t, it just makes the story look good,but these same people come out with many things, you defend the system and you end up being called a shill or an illuminate freak. The same people come out saying the governments are going back and forth in time killing people, all sorts of other crazy rubbish and the problem is, millions of people believe them. Propaganda of Madness is replacing logic.

  13. Hi i think its mixture of things, but most of all the way the USA hide its military capabilities. Sure aliens are one thing, but as far as i am concerned they have become mixed up with CIA disinformation, that is used as a cover for black projects and the like. If aliens are coming here we cant and maybe wont do anything about it, the last thing we need is to create fear and spend a fortune trying to protect ourselves from “threats” far more advanced. We cant even sort our own world out.

  14. I don’t believe anything within the UFO “crowd”… Just the same as I don’t believe anything the government simply tells me. Give me empirical evidence, otherwise I can make up claims about somebody like Howard Hughes as many have done.

  15. I can see for you English, as for me it is a second language, but you’re a damn do not know how express youself correctly, son of shit. Even if you saw what you write, I don’t think it’s clear for reasonable persons. In short, free and enjoy yourself Bob.

  16. Wow! That was awesome!! The camera shakes.. the focal lengths. Very realistic. Great job on this one.

  17. si es real porque no destruyo la casa por la cual paso estremadamente cerca , ademas algo tan masivo apareceria en todos los medios noticiosos … FAKE !

  18. Народ, вы че, совсем дебилы?! Компьютерную графику отличить от реальной съемки не можете :)))


  20. WHOEVER MADE THIS NEEDS A JOB IN THE FX INDUSTRY sure its fake but you have to admit its very well done 🙂

  21. this shit looks absolutely REAL, but if its a fake then its the best fake i ever seen in my whole life. AMAZING

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