Ender's Game stars talk marriage equality at Comic-Con

Ender's Game stars talk marriage equality at Comic-Con
Real-world issues are rare at Comic-Con where fantasy almost always trumps reality. But for the … Hood likewise said he was separating Card's perspective on gay rights from his book about children who are called upon to help humanity battle alien …
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21 Gaming Sequels We'd Like to See For Next Gen
It got so bad sometimes, that I'd be passing by radio towers on the road in real life and imagine myself blowing them up like I did in the game. After playing this series, …. Suddenly, everyone wanted to blow some alien/zombie heads off. So Brute …
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Comic-Con: Mark Waid's 'Shadow Walk' — 'Indiana Jones' meets 'Aliens'
There wasn't a real story around it at that point, but he had the basic concept and the basic through-line. I love it. It struck me as “Indiana Jones” meets “Aliens.” I loved that idea of using history as a backdrop — also using the Bible and using …
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