Check out these alien encounters images:

alien encounters
Image by Robby Ryke
Day 27

Camera: Canon Rebel T2I (550D)
Lens: EF50mm f/1.8 II
ISO: 3200
Lighting: 500W Bulb Right of Camera

alien encounters
Image by HeyGabe
"Spin" is a dumb name for Robert Charles Wilson’s otherwise excellent book. But it’s OK because wounded healer and protagonist Tyler Dupree says as much about 2/3 of they way through the book.

“Spin” was a dumb but inevitable name for what had been done to the Earth. That is, it was bad physics—nothing was actually spinning any harder or faster " Source

The marketing text on the back says the book’s theme is about the dangers inherent in one-way communication, but it’s not. It’s about the dangers and fruitlessness of hording information and technology, especially for a "national agenda." Also. Don’t. Trust. The. Government.

It’s also, as the Library of Congress asserts, about:

1. Human-alien encounters–Fiction.
2. End of the world–Fiction.
3. Cults–Fiction.

It’s also got a frustrating love story, a Sumatran healer, and explosions.

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